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A Very Brazilian Coup


A Very Brazilian Coup

Conn Hallinan

On one level, the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff seems like vintage commedia dell’arte.

For instance, the lower house speaker who brought the charges, Eduardo Cunha, had to step down because he has $16 million stashed in secret Swiss and U.S. bank accounts. The man who replaced Cunha, Waldir Maranhao, is implicated in the corruption scandal around the huge state-owned oil company, Petrobras.


A very good article, but no mention of the event that precipitated Brazil's economic problems - the drop in the price of oil.

I suspect it all began with US maneuvering to lower that price in order to disrupt the economies of leftist governments in oil-producing countries which were dependent upon the price of oil for economic health and in opposition to US global capitalism - Brazil, Russia, Venezuela and other smaller oil producers.

This was followed by other US-CIA economic and political activities designed to bring down these target governments and replace them with the US friendly oligarchies in these countries (which had been waiting in the wings, ready to strike).

Brazil and Venezuela are two examples of the success to date of these disruptive policies.


Brazil's version of The Chicago School meets the Koch Brothers.

How tragic that with climate change issuing more and more drastic events, retrograde fools whose only claim to fame is theft or a thug-like use of military power are taking control of significant nations.

This is sickening.


He did mention the reduction in commodities prices.

"Brazil’s economy is in trouble, shrinking 3.7 percent last year. Commodity prices are down worldwide, in large part because of the downturn of China’s economy. Brazil’s debt is rising, though it’s still half that of Italy."


"While it was the current downturn in the world’s seventh largest economy that helped light the impeachment fuse, the crisis is rooted in the nature of Brazil’s elites, its deeply flawed political institutions, and the not-so-dead hand of its 1964-1985 military dictatorship."


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