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'A Very Dark Day for Democracy': Scott Walker Signs Wisconsin GOP's 'Legislative Coup' Into Law


'A Very Dark Day for Democracy': Scott Walker Signs Wisconsin GOP's 'Legislative Coup' Into Law

Jake Johnson, staff writer

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People of Wisconsin, please, storm Frankensteins Castle tonight and kill the Monster.


Another Dark Day indeed as we let a POS like Walker and Thugs get away with this agenda as we sit back and do nothing… again. We get what we deserve… and we deserve nothing!


Point of procedure: if the Wisconsin Rs ever produce another governor, will the rules automatically revert, or will that require the legislature to act?


Just another very dark day for democracy. Remember October 2001 when the Patriot Act was signed into law followed later by the NDAA? These two pieces of legislation are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and we, the people of America, traumatized after the 9/11 events, practically handed the ruling class the 4th Amendment without resistance. The 1st Amendment will be next, for sure, and then down the line. The criminal fascists in power have thought of everything to do away with what’s left of American democracy. This is tough sh*t to fight…


This sort of political rot is representative of those people…the walkers, stephen miller, the trumps and all he appoints and supports…malignant self-righteous bastards, the criminally politically insane, the odious uber-wealthy, and “religious” hypocrites that know as much of the teachings they claim to espouse and follow, as the freakin cat!

The right-wing R’Con extremist scum must learn that the political pendulum and people’s will and support swings back eventually…sooner and more completely if we had an actual strong and dedicated opposition party…as we used to say: get hip to payback MoFo’s!…its a bitch!


This is what Obama and The Clinton Biden types don’t understand. To Republicans, conservatives and tea baggers liberals are the enemy and must be defeated at all costs. Their propaganda fills the radio waves from Limbaugh to Savage. Their propaganda on Fox and the corporate air waves is Trump 24 hours a day. Propaganda works. Winning at all costs is how we Stalin defeated Hitler, now the same ethic is applied to defeating liberals. Tax cuts for the rich win everywhere even in SF a proposal to help the homeless by a small tax on the super wealthy was defeated. Now they plan to tax children texting to pay for phones for the poor. Better than taxing silicon valley where Besoz has 200 billion in some foreign bank. He has paid less than 1 percent in tax on that I’m willing to wager, lets see the tax returns of the Oligarchs. This is why Obama lost 1000 seats in state legislatures and Clinton gave the Neo-cons everything they wanted. you can’t work with these people, call them out and beat them into dust.


Total, rolling, non cooperation. Now. It is only what we have to fight those that are bent on destroying us.


Scot Walker, simply ANOTHER pigfart, who wants his authoritarian sore looseness to become our norm. If we all want to maintain the right to vote and to honor our electoral process we need to make certain from NOW on that these money groveling authoritarian fools are NEVER elected to ANY public office. We can solve a lot of this by publicly funding ONLY all elections; local, state, and fed. With these politicians who subvert the law, ignore the law and gleefully break the law over and over again, (like our FAKE president and his adult children) our democratic republic is in danger of collapsing. I mean really look at what Rick Snyder did to the people of Flint, MI. Hey Wisconsinites do you want the Kock brothers to continue to own you and your state? Money, money, money, money, money, money yes, indeed heavy metal addicts all who want to keep the rest of us dirt poor, powerless and addicted to opiates.


The Republicans seemed to have figured out how to control a state even when they are in a minority. Wisconsin voted for a Democratic candidate in every presidential election since 1992 except 2016 when an ID law from Walker wound up keeping 200,000 voters off the rolls and about half were in Milwaukee, and Russia target working class voters with fake news on social media. The Republicans justify their actions by claiming Milwaukee and Madison are not the real Wisconsin, the rest of Wisconsin is. No doubt a lot of people in Milwaukee and Madison would not agree with that view. But basically the aim of the Republicans is to strip residents of Milwaukee and Madison of their political power. Democracy it is not.


Didn’t this sh*theel survive two recall attempts? How did he manage two full terms?
Either far more voters than we realize take the total fraud that is the Republican Party seriously, or the party kept him in via election fraud.
Thom Hartmann maintains that the Repugs haven’t legitimately won a presidential election since Eisenhower.


I’m still not over how they keep voting him back in.


“Mission Accomplished.”


Not true. We deserve an honest government and election system and our taxes to be honestly spent on us. Sadly, the people of Wisconsin have had chances to get rid of him and keep voting him back in.


How about in 2020 we also flip the Senate over to Dems and if Trump
wins we can return the Scott Walker/Wisconsin favor?


Evers sez:
“Today, Governor Walker chose to ignore and override the will of the people of Wisconsin.”

Lame duck, eh? Apparently the voters only winged him.



Why Scott Walker exists.


5 Things to Know About the Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case


It is tough shit to fight but the Constitution and our rights under it can only be changed by the rules described in it. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are violations of the Constitution. The fking LAW is on our side.


People of Wisconsin should ask for a special prosecutor to look into Gov. Walker’s connections to private industry. Take privatized prisons for profit industry. Goes with his ties to Maria Putina at the NRA.