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A Very Good Job (At Slow-Rolling, Mass Negligent Homicide)

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/03/31/very-good-job-slow-rolling-mass-negligent-homicide


A reckoning come November??? Won´t that be a little late!! Besides, transfer of office won´t happen until late January.

No. Why has this orange plague not been removed, with his minions, from the White House; this veritable Breath-of-Death, whose tweets, farts and other emissions emanate via twitter and the murderous mainstream media like addictive, lethally poisonous gases, intent on warping mind and conscience of viewers, readers, and listeners? How utterly given over to the dark side, which is to say, demonically possessed, is the White House now–a veritable world-destroying Pandemonium–as well as much of Congress and the Supreme Court!

Reckoning? Shall not those who have had, and yet have, the power to exorcise this spreading, reeking contagion from Hell, this sewer-slime who somehow manages to stand upright in shoe leather, and have not done so be reckoned partners in his countless crimes and face a sorry reckoning of their own? Voters???


Everything said in this article is true. It is a disgrace that knows no bounds. But where do we turn? After all, Biden - the presumptive nominee of the opposition party - is dedicated to the ideal of for-profit health care which is the root cause of these deaths. So when Trump is criticized like this it rings hollow and meaningless as the only vivable candidate that would change this system is cheated by the Democrat Party which only guarantees more of what they say they hate - Trump. The elites not the party rule. Until that is challenged and this corrupt system is brought to its knees, nothing will change and untold numbers will die. The only solution is Medicare for All - to say anything else, to point your finger at Trump is meaningless.


I’d like to think that they’ll be change in this country after this but there won’t be. The elites and their media will just blame the Chinese and Russians and it will be business as usual. The Dems will cry a little but do nothing. The American public will remain dormant. And the 1% got their $$$ gift, so all is good.


Saying it again: anyone, absolutely ANYONE who voted for, supported, enabled trump in any way, deserves to step really hard on that rusted , infected, large nail, including; friends, family, neighbors, anybody!!


Yes but Praise the lawd that 'mercans are well defended from foreign “evil doers” by an extremely well funded military that, since WW2 when most of the heavy lifting and fighting and dying had been done by others such as Russia, has proven itself as capable at fighting wars as rump is at fighting pandemics. … MAGA, MAGA, MAGA … is anyone tired of all this winning yet?


"dwarfs the roughly 3,500 deaths in China, "

I guess we could start putting out fake numbers like China, make us look good.


I think you may have been too soft and genteel. :slight_smile:


The more Trump proclaims to all he doing a great and “perfect job” the more his supporters believe him. In addition to COVID there a second pandemic that has infected a greater percentage of the population and that is stupidity.


Well, I was trying to be as nice as I could, considering . . .


Trump and every elected official at any level, every billionaire and millionaire, every person who worships the rich regardless of their own economic class, every person who failed to have our back during the Movement days and then voted for Raygun even though they self-described as being Democrats, every fundamentalist Christian who longs to be Raptured while the rest of us die in a river of fire and blood(oh, wait, sorry there. I confused their book of Revelations with Game of Thrones)…they are now reaping the whirlwind. The spirits of everyone who lived on Turtle Island before the invaders came are now taking their revenge. Trump is the ur-white European invader-greedy, cruel, without compassion and empathy.
I’m actually looking forward to stepping on the path to the Spirit world, because I think it will be much better than this hell on earth.


Maybe it is time for the Secret Service to figure out who or what they are protecting. Not a pleasant thought in any direction. Lots of contradictory thoughts, including the ancient Roman Praetorian Guard.
The French guillotined their royalty and did get rid of them, when along came Napoleon. Any disruption is opportunity for opportunists. We need something better.
Why do we not have a way of replacing these bums when we realize they are a threat to our very existence? (mostly rhetorical question)


Yankees ponchos AND our military "now has so much ammunition they’ll never run out."

MAGA. Munitions and Guns Amerika!

Gun stores are essential businesses, Amerikan dumb asses.

PPE and ventilator manufacturing and stockpiling, not so much.


American Exceptionalism:
We’re Number One! – at mis-managing the SARS-2 coronavirus and killing off millions of our own in the name of looting-class rule.


Maybe the mass upwelling of rage and fury at his negligent homicide of a million Americans, will reach the hearts and minds of some of Trump’s loyal supporters. Maybe?


As always, you provide content-free, snide support for Trump’s colossal failures.

China reacted forcefully to address the pandemic based on science, marshaling the state apparatus and imposing quarantine to apply the brakes to the spread of the disease. i have seen no evidence that China is faking it’s response, or the successful results.

Please cite any analyst that provides evidence that China is faking.


They did change the statistical model on how they determine the number for infections and then again they separate community acquired infections and what they refer to as imported. It isn’t fraudulent but makes it more difficult to compare.


It could well be that the numbers of dead to the virus in China understated. That said it defies common sense that the virus was much more widespread then what China reports.

In the US and Canada infections appeared across the entire Country in major centers. In China the infections tended to be contained in one Province. If the virus was more widespread in China lock downs would have been imposed across the entire Country.


As soon as doctors noticed the weird deadly sepsis pneumonia, sent samples to their CDC, and their scientists realized what they were dealing with, China locked down Hubei Province where Wuhan is located. Within a week, they had the genotype of the SARS-CoV-19-2 virus and published it for the world to access and study to save their own people in any nation.

Then the Chinese government brought 40,000 epidemiologists from other provinces to Hubei and into Wuhan to contact-trace every single person who showed symptoms or had contact with someone who had tested positive and TESTED them immediately, studying how their tests were negative up to SIX TIMES while they were infectious and ISOLATED, then noticing that as soon as they developed symptoms is when the tests were over 90% accurate. They closed and walled off road access to Hubei for three months.

The Chinese have collaborated with western scientists to provide retrospective studies of what happens when people are infected with this virus in the most respected peer-reviewed medical journal: ~ttps://www.thelancet.com/pdfs/journals/lancet/PIIS0140-6736(20)30566-3.pdf

For instance, once people were ventilated 97% of them died within 8 days. “SARS-CoV-2 was detectable until death in non-survivors. The longest observed duration of viral shedding in survivors was 37 days.” This study stated what did not work and suggested next possible treatments for what might.

Here’s a great blog of an American living in China with first-hand observations of what the Chinese think of the US and our five virus attacks using drones since “trade talks” began in 2018, dessimating their chicken farms, pork production, and humans to shake their economic stability. ~ttps://metallicman.com/trump-trade-war/ and here is Pompeo admitting covid-19 is a live exercise biological weapon on China. This clip appears to be expunged from US youtube videos of this 3/21/20 WH CVirus Task Force Press Conference, where we searched for it in five different versions on youtube this morning, finding Pompeo’s remarks with smart-resume lines of edits. ~https://metallicman.com/laoban4site/usa-admits-covid-19-was-a-live-exercise-biological-weapon-on-china


Sorry Facts don’t matter to lamonte
It’s the corporate snide feel
Like a Bezos phuck