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A Very "Informed" Elizabeth Warren Explains Exactly Why Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan Should Be Fired

A Very "Informed" Elizabeth Warren Explains Exactly Why Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan Should Be Fired

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on Monday reiterated her calls for Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan to be fired, saying, "His hands are too dirty from overseeing years of scams and scandals."

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Advocate for the corporate death penalty.


Sloan is a prime candidate for the RICO Act … but he’s too big to jail. In the future one will say ‘it is a Wells Fargo’ when they talk about criminal enterprises.


Ms Warren’s video gives a concrete reason to the break-up of big banks. Strike terror in their ranks. Break-up all the banks that are too big to fail. The taxpayers lose as they bail out banks. Banks don’t give a damn about their customers whom exist only to be exploited for profits. BTW, I belong to a non-profit credit union, socialism at its finest. No fees!


Yes indeed. Legalized extortion at its finest.


Bernie/Warren seems to be the ticket to beat.


WF should get the Corporate death penalty AND Sloan, Sr management and the Board should be in jail .

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And there are still hundreds of thousands of bozos with their money in Wells Fargo accounts.


Elizabeth Warren for Attorney General! Not president or vice president. In that position, she could use her considerable legal training and research to inflict the kind of damage on the Wall Street and big business corrupt that they deserve. But of course it will never happen–too bad.

Wall street just came out against Warren and Sanders.so as I Contribute to a candidates they will be the first to get my support.

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This is what pisses me off about Warren. She always chooses the most tepid of responses. The man should be prosecuted along with the rest of his Bankster cronies!

Im curious if anyone commenting on this issue has even 1 iota of sense. Rico act. Wow- very dramatic. No crimes were committed. I guess that would be first problem. Second, the ‘fake accounts’ scandal didnt benefit the bank. It was a scam by employees around the country to get bigger bonuses. No customers got hurt. They got a new account that they didnt know about and were not charged. That’s why you never saw an interview with a customer that lost 36 dollars. None lost. I understand there is this idea that banks are bad. But then dont use one. See if that works for you. Ill bank with Wells because i can get my money at an atm . They pay me a small amount of interest. And they give a lot of services. But if you guys feel like youre getting ripped off, why not just keep all that money you have at home. The answer is either- 1) youre not being honest. or 2) youre irrationally angry.

prosecuted for what alan?

Sure thing. I’ll bet you give thousands.

LaRhondaJames is one of them

Everyone should move their money into CREDIT UNIONS – self governed & they had their members’ backs during the Federal shutdown, with offers of financial counseling & bridge loans to survive during the Orange Cheato’s temper tantrum…

No. He’s not too big to jail. He should serve as an example. We shouldn’t stop until every one of these miscreants are punished severely. We sure should not stop with Wells Fargo.

Got to have clout from the House committee’s that regulate and fund.