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'A Very Strong Run,' But Booker Falls Short to Establishment-Backed McGrath in Kentucky Primary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/30/very-strong-run-booker-falls-short-establishment-backed-mcgrath-kentucky-primary

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The establishment wins yet again…


Because it is Kentucky, had she not won this primary, it would absolutely mean that the ancient scumbag McTurtle will see another term in the Senate. Believe it or not, there IS a fair chance that she will be able to unseat the bastard. I like the idea that Mr. Booker can challenge the dufus Rand Paul in 2022 assuming that the billies of the hills come to the realization that trump is in fact their enemy, and the Republican Party never had their interests in mind. Charles Booker is by far the better candidate for a progressive, and he IS the Louisville “Left as a Louisville Democrat” candidate, and I am a Louisvillian. But I also know how the rest of Kentucky rolls


On the optimistic side, maybe McGrath fund raising (last reported $19M surplus) can cause #MoscowMitch to have to divert his PACs dark money into saving his own senate seat and put less money into vulnerable rePuke seats.

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You are probably correct. I saw Kentucky polling that showed Booker being more competitive than McGrath so I wonder.


Another repeat of the DNC Iowa fiasco? How far can they go to manipulate things?


If you know how the rest of KY rolls, you’d better hope that hatred for Mitch outweighs the many self-inflicted wounds McGrath has administered. I watched a debate between her and Booker, she was unprepared and frankly, kinda dumb.

With her huge warchest, McGrath had to rely on early mail in ballots to get her Manchin-esque butt over the finish line. I predict McConnell by 5% or more.


McGrath lost her last race in KY, a run for a House seat.
She won’t be able to count on support from any national d-party figures, they’re basically toxic in KY.


From the article:

“McGrath, a former fighter pilot whose campaign has relied on messaging around her commitment to President Donald Trump’s agenda…”

I’m confused - is that sentence in the article correct?


Posted elsewhere, but relevant here:

The Kentucky results seem to be McGrath 45%, Booker 43%, Mike Boihier 5%, and two others with a total of 3%.

I wonder whether the other three candidates entered the race to draw votes from Booker.

Gee, would the DP establishment ever be underhanded enough to “encourage” something like that??

Please look at Boihier’s website (~https://mikeforky.com/issues/)

Although he’s a retired Marine Corps officer, his policies are 100% progressive. He could be an officer in the Green Party!

If the votes of Boihier’s supporters had gone to Booker, either by ranked choice voting or by Boihier’s absence as a spoiler in the Democratic primary, Booker would have won.

What do you think happened in the Kentucky primary??

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Yes, she has criticized McConnell for not being loyal enough to Trump.


And therefore the citizens will take it up the ass for the foreseeable future…


Hi reader321:
I was wondering if these were privately owned voting machines… and —did the DNC own them?


DNC Nationally and in Kentucky chosen candidate wins???..


I have heard this as well, but after hearing @Mr_Peabody’s question, I searched and found ~https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/16/democrat-tries-to-take-down-mcconnell-by-comparing-him-unfavorably-to-trump.html which mentions:

One such candidate, former fighter pilot Amy McGrath, is aiming to take down powerful Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by accusing him of obstructing key parts of Trump’s agenda.

“Kentuckians voted for Donald Trump because they wanted to drain the swamp and lower prescription drug prices,” the Kentucky Democrat told The New York Times on July 9 when she announced her candidacy. “A lot of what has stood in the way of what Donald Trump promised is Senator McConnell.”

Well that isn’t exactly the damning behavior I was expecting. Yeah Trump promised lots of good things (infrastructure, implied we’d get out of stupid wars, and low prescription prices as McGrath mentions) and saying hey my opponent is getting in the way of the good things Trump promised you - I don’t see a problem with that. So unless there is a quote that says McGrath has used the same line in the context of bad things that Trump wants (too numerous to mention), then I’m calling bullshit on the left media for covering it that way.

(And it pains me to defend McGrath as I don’t like her at all, and was really hoping Booker would win - anyone that poses in front of a fighter plane will never ever get my vote or money - I don’t live in KY so she only lost the latter).

I concur with @SkepticTank’s opinion of McGrath’s chances. Maybe she’ll go away after a November defeat.


I (semi) understand McGrath’s wanting to attack McConnell on the basis of Turtle Boy’s being the impediment to passing Trump’s supposed agenda, but that just doesn’t pass the smell test.

If you tie yourself to Trump’s agenda, you’re a Republican.
Amy McGrath’s husband is a Republican.
Amy McGrath is a closet Republican.


The other candidates were in the race long ago.
They were not there to steal votes from Booker.


In other news, AP projects Hickenlooper to win the Colorado senate primary.

This pleases me. Despite his little scandals, his massive name recognition makes him a preferable candidate to dispose of Gardner.

This is where I get off the boat even moreso with Bernie Sanders. Unbelievable how fast his people publicly capitulated to McGrath as the winner - before Booker even publicly conceded - I think, at this juncture, he still hasn’t - and folded on these election results, per the right-wing of the DP - and given what has all the appearances of outright fraud FBO the McGrath camp - and heavily funded by insurance and phama money.

I am quite taken back and disgusted. There’s only so far I can go defending and standing up for Bernie Sanders and what he’s doing with the Democratic Party.

And this is right on the cusp of the FEC deadline as they send out their fund raising appeals. Well, no more money from this person. Get out of the DP and then we’ll talk about continuing to send “progressive Dems” money.

Stand up for your people, Bernie Sanders and Co. If you can’t challenge the fraud in these primary elections, what are we doing this for?

And BTW - no, I would NOT vote for McGrath even if it’s McConnell. Why would I vote for someone who works for the insurance and pharmaceutical MOB. Grow a spine, everyone, and take a few hits so we can actually move forward. Because going along with election fraud is not the way you “progress.”


You’ve got to be kidding! Name recognition over the issues?