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A Veteran’s Perspective On Memorial Day


A Veteran’s Perspective On Memorial Day

Barry Ladendorf

As Americans mark Memorial Day, a holiday that invites us to reflect on the cost of war, we are reprinting these remarks that a leader of the Veterans for Peace made last week at Ralph Nader’s Breaking Through Power conference in Washington.


Recall the Bush/Cheney mantra about middle eastern terrorists wanting to end our way of life.

As Landendorf points out, the biggest threat is not from “far away lands”. it is from “right here in this city” (Washington DC) where a bipartisan effort to transfer all wealth from the 99% to the 1% IS ending our way of life.




The Sailors of the USS Liberty: They, Too, Deserve to Be Honored - too bad they and their dead, killed at the hands of “our special ally” and covered-up since 1968 will not be honored by their nations leaders! This is a measure of the subversion of our nation by Israel, their agents in this country and our own treasonous Congress members who hold first loyalty to a foreign power and forget their own! Corrupt scum and traitors!
There are some who never violated their oaths and honor! Adm.thomas H Moorer (deceased) for one, who chaired the Moorer Commission on the Israeli attack and cover-up! READ their findings! NEVER FORGET!

“since 1968, no official recognition or memorial services will be held to honor the 34 dead and the 167 wounded US Navy Men.”

"Today no one will hear about the Israeli June 8, 1967 assault on the USS Liberty, an attack so cowardly and so heinous that it exposes Israel’s penchant for manufacturing facts and its ability to manipulate American leadership and the media to gloss over its dastardly deeds.

On that infamous 8th day of June 1967, and in an act of cowardly and pre-meditated murder, the USS Liberty, even though she was flying the American flag, was repeatedly attacked by Israeli French-made jet fighters and torpedo boats. When it was all said and done, 34 American navy men were killed and 167 were wounded."




Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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