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A Victory at Standing Rock—for Now


A Victory at Standing Rock—for Now

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

The Dakota Access pipeline has been stopped, at least for now. The Standing Rock Sioux Nation and thousands of native and non-native allies won a remarkable and unexpected victory Sunday. Word came down that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had denied a permit for the pipeline owner, Energy Transfer Partners, to drill underneath the Missouri River, and that a full environmental-impact study would be launched. Grass-roots organizing, nonviolent direct action and leadership from front-line indigenous people succeeded in stopping the $3.8 billion, 1,200-mile pipeline in its tracks.


Now that the Army Corps of Engineers has denied the permit, will the Morton County Sheriff force the construction workers to leave and take all of their equipment with them?
Will the Morton County Sheriff fire rubber bullets at the company men?
Will the Morton County Sheriff lob concussion grenades into the construction trailers?
Will the Morton County Sheriff douse the construction workers with water cannons in sub-freezing weather?
After all, the Morton County Sheriff has sworn to uphold the law and the Black Snake is now trespassing.

Nah - The same rules do not apply to well financed Corporate "Persons" that apply to the Native American "Non-Persons"


The rules for how Morton County cops will deal with the pipeline outfit were written early this year when the Talibundies occupied Malheur Refuge.


I am happy for our "Victory", but I hope all of those who came to make it possible don't disband and go home. I have a hunch that that is all DAPL is waiting for. The CEO has already stated that they will not be stopped, and that they didn't give a damn for Corps of Engineers actions, that they would go on with the project and drill beneath the river.
* If the Water Protectors are left alone with no backup, it will probably start again, but perhaps more ruthlessly, because if the pipeline is completed, the government will probably accept it as a fait accompli. Especially after January 2017.
* If many, if not most, of our veterans can stay at the scene, they may well be the rock upon which DAPL founders.
* Mni Wiconi!
* Water is LIfe!
* Corporations are death.
* I stand with Standing Rock!