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A Victory for Indigenous Rights Over Fossil Fuel Greed


A Victory for Indigenous Rights Over Fossil Fuel Greed

Kelly Mitchell

This is a big deal.

Gateway Pacific was the largest proposed coal export terminal in the United States. If built, coal companies like Peabody Energy and Cloud Peak would have been able to ship up to 48 million tons of coal out of the U.S each year. Once burned, that coal would emit more than 80 million tons of carbon per year, the equivalent of 21 new coal-fired power plants. And transporting all that coal from Wyoming and Montana to Washington would have threatened communities and ecosystems with coal dust, diesel fumes, and derailments.


It’s a sad day when we should feel grateful (I do, by the way) that “our” president decides to do the right thing and actually honor a treaty. Think about it.
And yes, we should take the win and celebrate it!
May there be many more!


those celebrating this victory are reminded not to take our eyes off Obama, who has publicly declared his administration’s intention to wait to request an “up-or-down” vote on the execrable Trans Pacific Partnership (trade agreement) until after Congress has entered its post-election lame duck session. How cynical is that b.s.?

What else should we expect from the oiligarchy’s man(churian) in the white house? I’ll never forget that he’s the US “president” who told the American people he would be ‘looking ahead’ rather than prosecuting the cheney/bush war criminals for starting a predatory war of opportunity against the Iraqi people [in response to Saddam’s threat to refuse petrodollars for Iraqi oil] and for their torture policies. He’s also the president whose Department of “Justice” (LOL) refused to prosecute banksters because it might destabilize the economy, which, as we all know from our civics lessons is more important than a democracy under the rule of just laws.


If President Obama was within reach, I’d hug him!!


It is a great victory… but will it hold?

Right now, with oil prices so low, fracking operations cannot turn a profit and the expensive-to-process tar sands are not especially viable.

Also, if the TIPP and TPP get signed, they will preempt these rules and rulings.

Feast on the victory and pray it’s not just temporal. And thanks to the Indigenous Peoples… no one honors the sacredness of the Mother Earth more… or better.


Great victory! I hope it sets a firm precedent for the other battles still being fought. Please see Oak Flat: The Latest Land Grab From Native Americans.