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A Victory for Postal Banking


A Victory for Postal Banking

Mike Lebya

A little over a year ago, United for a Fair Economy released State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked and Overcharged. This groundbreaking report looks at the banking industry from the perspective of low-wage workers and people of color. We are thrilled to be sharing a small victory that has happened partly because of this report and the policy solutions it proposed.


Most traditionally public services will eventually become almost fully privatized; some will retain a some degree of governmental oversight. For example, the USPS and Social Security Administration are two that are "ripe" for the picking. So, it is substantially certain that any gains that may be made by implementing USPS banking service will inevitably be undercut by tremendous amount of inertia that is built into the well-funded, global privatization initiatives and campaigns.

For a rather interesting reading, check out the publication entitled The United States Postal Service – An American History, 1775-2006.



Certain other counties have indeed privatized their national postal systems (in whole or part), e.g. Britain and Netherlands.

See also Royal Mail Sold Off.



I never understood how the Post Office, created by our Constitution, was semi-privatized without a Constitutional Amendment. Can somebody explain that to me? Seems to me that poster Tom1 may be lots closer to his dream of de-privatization than he realizes. I call the U.S.P.S. an IMPOSTER of the real, Constitutionally-mandated, deliverer of our mail, the U.S.P.O. Has anybody challenged this Right Wing swindle before the Supreme Court? Is anybody willing to start a ten million signature petition to take our country back from it's recent Government?


Bernie Sanders seemed to believe the Democratic Party Platform was quite an achievement. His faith in the party that screwed him seems naive, but what do I know about sausage making in our wonderful political system? But I do know that the work you do is real and the outcome is inevitable. The dem party platform is just window dressing. Consider going Green and you won't have to worry about getting a knife in the back..


Another very popular idea that the banking oligarchy won't allow. Is it not time we take on the oligarchy? Traditionally it was done by bloody revolutions, followed by representative government and a takeover by the oligarchy once more. The Swiss and Mondragon show that only voter initiatives and referendums can achieve lasting democracy. Why won't candidates mention it?