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A Vile Act of Inhumanity: Splitting Up Families like the Slave Traders Did


A Vile Act of Inhumanity: Splitting Up Families like the Slave Traders Did

Paul Buchheit

Families are being split up in the name of "zero tolerance" immigration policies. Jeff Sessions said, "[Your] child will be separated from you as required by law.


Seeing how divide and conquer strategy has enabled the 1% to seize and maintain control for centuries they will deploy that strategy wherever possible.


Stating “families are being split up” is a canard and nothing else. Illegal aliens are not prevented from taking their families back to where they are being deported to. There is no reason for a family to be “split up” except that people violating the law do it. To say that the USA policy is breaking up families defies reality.


Well, aren’t they in fact, slave traders?


The voice of Hate speaks it’s logic.


Not very far into the future, the city streets will be filled with limos, going from party to party. The sidewalks will be filled with slowly moving crowds of sick, hungry, homeless people, many mourning the loss of their children. These won’t just be the foreign born, they will be the tens of thousands who can find no work, who have been evicted from their homes because of no employment, looking for doorways to shelter in. The cops will tell them, “No loitering, keep walking.”
*One day, this festering boil is going to break. We the People will shout, “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” We will try to get a redress of grievances from the government, the courts, and be laughed at and dismissed.
*As the civil unrest grows, We the People will suddenly find out what all those soldiers are for. The foreign stuff was just practice.