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A Vile Crime... But Productive


A Vile Crime... But Productive

Eric Margolis

Whoever bombed the Russian airliner that was destroyed over Sinai last week must be having a hearty laugh watching the ensuing chaotic reaction of the great powers.

As of this writing, it increasingly appears that the Russian Metroliner A321-200 Airbus was indeed downed by an explosion. Curiously, no traces of explosive residues have yet been found –or at least yet reported. There remains the much smaller probability that the aircraft’s tail may have fallen off as the result of metal fatigue caused by a ground collision over a decade ago.


The unfortunate truth is that this era is so pregnant with false flag operations as to make it impossible to discern the genuine element (ISIS attack/sabotage-operation) from its CIA-MOSSAD-MI5 counterpart.

The Neo-cons who are M.A.D.ly intent upon spreading wars find Russia's deft use of diplomacy problematic. What better way to provoke Russia into retaliation against ISIS (and to an extent, Assad's governance of Syria) than to shoot down one of its aircraft.

As is the case when a famous peace proponent "mysteriously" dies in a plane or car crash, no PROOF of foul play is held up as the argument that there was no foul play. However, the Deep State's assassins know a thing or two about how not to leave any trace of evidence behind.

Besides, when the wrecking crews are immediately called in to remove evidence and a full-court press is ready to supply a Official Narrative that spreads like wildfire across all media circuits to stand in for Truth, it's next-to-impossible to establish TRUE causation and the entities behind the latest calamitous act.

Enter the rumor mill and its legion of expert pundits, advisers, and public consensus shapers.


"A Vile Crime... But Productive":

 9/11 was
    because of that these other
        crimes keep happening


Sen. Diane Feinstein (D) on the sort-of-news show Meet The Press this morning, said the U.S. and Russia will join together with allies, and up the ante on ISIS's future existence. Translation: " boom, boom, out go the lights "; yet again. ISIS is now in 12 countries because of the Iraq War, The Libya Debacle, et al. What could possibly go wrong; again and again? And, I believe, as some have also stated here that the 50 or so advisors, sent by OBombAll, are in there because the President can no longer trust anyone previously offering guidance on this mess . The plane explosion, the flare ups and killings everyday, is feeling eerily like the lead up to the mischievous 1980 election. Only this time the consensus choice is Hillary instead of Ronnie Raygun to bring in the well-oiled killing machine. And, Sen. Sanders weakest campaign point/issue is his unwillingness to tell the American people what is happening in the MENA. We have created Frankenstein's monster in this region; with no way out unless we implement an immediate ceasefire, keep Assad nominally in place, separate the old caliphate into real " regions of affinity " and tell the rest of the wealthy oil countries to back off on continuing to rebuild the monster. The permanent armies of resistance in the region, state and privately sponsored and funded, must be taken down before it's simply too late to do that. Sen. Sanders really needs to step up to the plate on this. His remarks lately have been less than reassuring, however. We just cannot afford another re-run, at this point.


Sorry, I don't understand why or how this would cause Putin to retaliate against Assad. Could you explain this?


9/11 is the elephant in the room that the MSM says is invisible, and that keeps the fairy tale alive some 14 years later. And what is worse than the dinosaur MSM cover-up is the so called alternative media like CD and Democracy Now! are complicit in not investigating one of the most outrageous and extraordinary evil lies of what happened on 9/11.