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A Vision from Hell: Exxon’s Neo-Imperialism Meets the GOP Grand Strategy


A Vision from Hell: Exxon’s Neo-Imperialism Meets the GOP Grand Strategy

Michael T. Klare

It’s a ritual long familiar to observers of American politics: presidential hopefuls with limited international experience travel to foreign lands and deliver speeches designed to showcase their grasp of foreign affairs. Typically, such escapades involve trips to major European capitals or active war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, however, has broken this mold.

  1. Fracking was a temporary solution at best to America’s oil problems. Fracking is obviously toxic and destructive and wouldn’t be tolerated for long by most of the states where it is, or was, practiced. So it looks like Wall Street decided to sacrifice the infant francking industry on the altar of punishing the regime that controls lots of untapped oil and other resources – Russia. The thorny question is how much punishing Russia will tolerate before it starts doing some punishing of its own.
  2. The author of this article didn’t get into it, but there is an even more worrisome aspect of U.S. foreign policy – wackadoodle fundamentalist Christian cults that have gained enormous influence in the Republican Party and some influence in the Democratic Party. When, for instance, Sen. Ted Cruz talks about combatting the “enemies of America” he’s really talking about combatting the “enemies of Jesus,” and many, many politicians and constituents know exactly what he means. People who 30 years ago wouldn’t have been allowed on a national TV show because of their wackiness now are shaping U.S. foreign policy, and we are seeing the results of it every day. Could it get a lot worse? As Sarah Palin – one of those wackadoodles – might say, “You betcha.”


strong textThe core reason for war and all that flows from a state of war is more dramatic now than it was prior to, and after WWII. Before 1971 our money was based on gold. Nixon and Kissinger invented the Petrodollar. So it is now that the power of the US, and really as well its allies, rests on the maintaining of this arrangement. So it is that defending the power of the US dollar, defending the US dollar results in a oil rush.
Nukes and Oil are the basis of hard power. The system from top to bottom now is dependent on oil. No other values are going to be allowed to get in the way of this system. We ignore engineers of technology, and technological systems that will be adopted when he oil is exhausted in the same way we did when the gold ran out. The economy had simply become too big to be dependent on some Fort Knox ingots.
Gold is not convertible to power like gold is. That is one difference. Where it is the same is in the motives it inspires.
It is not at all surprising that there has come to be a trending of the search for an alternative currency. As the Founder of Transcendia it behooved me to invent my own currency which changes the paradigm. I judge my currency to be superior to other trending offerings.
It is the Insurodollar, which is the partial pooling of citizen whole life policies from which to base the national bank and insurance company. It attaches within capitalism human capital directly to capital, giving labor leverage with capital, and solves the problem of labors lack of inheritance supplying what communism gave up on and claimed to confiscate for the overall good of the people, but in reality was used by the state, first to oppress the people, and then was fully used by kleptocrats for their own enrichment at the expense of their national interests.
It was obviously a betrayal of the common Russian and Soviets when property was just transferred to insiders. Without a propaganda machine of media lies and nationalistic stories spinning this all as possible to blame the crimes on Western, and US Capitalists, there would be no emotional reasons for the common Russians to hold any nationalistic feelings of loyalty towards their state.
Collusion and degradation of the Wall Street Financial Institutions can be linked to the attempt to capitalize on Russian Capitalism. Or in other words instead of Russia being brought up, the US goes down to their level of financial engineering, theft, and banks protect stolen fortunes.
The common man sees no security for any dime in their bank, while the rich, however they became rich, live with the advantages of banking institutions that will actively hide and enhance their fortunes.
It is to Obama’s credit that he did object to UK protections provided to these individuals via the paradise of the Caymans. The Cook Islands are significant as well. Germans have at root reticence about Greece because Greek banks protected Russian money.
The trend towards economic warfare is clearly understandable. There are Russians apparently all over the world stashing money wherever they are assured unlike as they stole it as favorites of the Prince, it will not be stolen from them.
Now it is revealed that they can’t get from the banks what they want, but can get it from the real estate sector.
Piketty said that it would be a correction if there was applied an Exceptional Tax, and Progressive Tax, and International Banking Transparency. In the US this was attempted in the 2010 Financial Disclosure Act, and it is playing out.
The fact is that the UN, which ought to have grown into a Government of Governments clearly of international benefit in a multi polar power balanced world, is not going to be allowed to take up that position and moderate the world anarchy among great powers.
The US attempts more and more to enforce its laws across borders and clearly seeks international hegemony.
It is a reach too far I think.
Already to do so is leading to a complete militarization of the US. Civilian prosperity is now secondary to the prosperity of the military complex. We can see this in the Universities which contract at every turn to give the armed forces the products of their sciences. Not even yet do drones deliver food to the isolated, as one instance. As another the exoskeletons of Darpa are exclusively aimed to aid in the gun turret loading for tanks, not at all aimed at integration into common materials handling alongside forklifts for stacks of plywood or sheetrock. In the hospital a strongman grins hurling me to the examination table where one wrong twitch from fear, and I am a battered pulp in the examining room.
So the people go wanting in all categories, while all is dedicated to even 5th generation jets no better than the 4th generation.
The goals that flow from the reality of the basis of the currency matter a great deal. My proposed currency even skewed if applied to the Israel Palestinian conflict shows the difference in results that would flow from a currency directly based on the human capital of a bordered nation. Imagine the disincentive for killing if every civilian death prompted the payout from the treasury death benefits? What fools leaders of nations and states are when they seek to have under their thumbs ignorant and dispensable mobs of the poor that it is their aim to sell out.
CSA leaders didn’t want their labor to be able to read, and so now someone like Bobby Jindal wants it so that they aren’t given the confidence to think.
Everyone wants the students graduated from schools in the Netherlands. When your citizens can and are attractive to the University and what is left of private industry labs, the pressures on the welfare state that produced these scholars and scientists is not at all the same as the pressures on governments responsible for disenfranchised and ignorant mobs. Nobody wants Haitians, for instance.
And what about expensive wars financed for and by the petrodollar? How would the US afford all these wars if its wealth was based not on all the oil in the world, but on human capital? I posit that the extra power of the petrodollar is all a wash, and it would be better for the US if its goals were the advancement in earning power education provides, and its wars would be more closely attached to the real needs for defense it has.