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A Vote for American Healthcare is a Vote for Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/11/vote-american-healthcare-vote-violence


You will not get Medicare for all in the United States of America until people stop this nonsense of voting for the LOTE.

There is no onus on either party to implement M4A as long as people keep supporting one or the other and as long as people claim that after surrendering ones vote , you can then hold a given Politicians feet to the fire by demanding M4A.

All of those other Countries on this Globe that have some form of health care for all got that because the people were willing to vote for a party that indicated it would support it. No Country that has some form of health care for all got it by voting for a party that said they were opposed to it and ran on a platform of being opposed to it.

It just defies common sense.

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Been at this for a while…Please, everyone, consider joining this NNU M4A online event:

Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17) is joining our massive Medicare for All Summer Strategy call next Tuesday along with three other incredible leaders in the movement for comprehensive health care reform. Rep. Khanna has been a vocal supporter and leader of Medicare for All at the national level and in Washington D.C.

This call will set the stage for the crucial work we do together to demand the response that the COVID-19 crisis requires: quality, guaranteed health care for all free at the point of service.

During the call, you’ll be the first to know about what we have in store for the summer, and how you can use your time most effectively right now to support this movement.

To make sure you don’t miss it, we recommend adding the event to your calendar if you haven’t already. Click below to add the call to your calendar.

Link to join:


Excellent and accurate commentary and a heartfelt appeal to the people and politicians - especially the DP hierarchy and its political lap-dogs who betray us and use us with regularity!
Universal not-for-profit Single-Payer is essential to a just, healthy society; betraying that goal is to be complicit to its predatory parasite robbers.

"I cannot vote for a candidate that doesn’t support Medicare-for-All. I have been told that I am part of the Democratic Party’s disunity problem for my decision. I have been told that I am part of the problem as if prioritizing my own ability to remain in the world is petty or immature. I have been told this by people who think millions of lives are expendable in the name of political party loyalty and who refuse to acknowledge that we cannot patiently wait for incremental change when our lives are at stake. I have only been told this by people who are well, able-bodied, or who have excellent health insurance. I am angry and indignant because people who casually vote to sacrifice the most vulnerable of their fellow citizens are the problem, and not the other way around." - Maggie Mills

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Yes indeed !

Starting in 1996 I always voted for POTUS candidates who support M4A, and therefore have never voted for a winning candidate, and have been mocked for allegedly enabling the SCOTUS appointing Cheney and his puppet Dubya, and allegedly “wasting my vote”.

At Dimcritter Party caucuses I notice that Federal, CalPERS, and Alaska Public Retirees who have Cadillac retiree medical insurance always wonder why M4A is so important to the rest of us.


I cannot vote for a candidate that doesn’t support Medicare-for-All.

Could not agree more. I won’t be voting for StatusQuoJoe, not now, not ever. Nor anyone that does not support New & Improved Medicare for All, call it USPatriotsCare if that’ll get the right on board. Actually USCare would be good.
We need premium-free, deductible-free, co-pay-free health care that includes everyone, all the time, cradle to the grave, paid by a small increase in Medicare taxes, and fer pete’s sake combine all health care programs into one. It will cost less and be more efficient. We should also use the same payment system as Taiwan, patients swipe their government issued health care card whenever service is rendered and the government reimburses the dr/clinic, etc., that’s it. Easy peasy.


Maggie, thank you for the well written and thoughtful article about the sad state of affairs in this country when it comes to healthcare. Unfortunately, for most of us here at CD, your preaching to the choir about EIM4A. I would offer one suggestion for this type of article in the future, when it comes to the lobbyist-Congress critter relationship. Don’t sugar coat it, call it what it is -Bribery.


The title to this piece does not make sense.

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What’s with the idiotic title? When was the last time there was a vote for healthcare?

"When was the last time there was a vote for healthcare? "

BINGO! I’m assuming a reference to the puppet string being dangled by Buydone et al. We have to form a tsunami of demand strong enough to override the corporate ownership of folks already in office.


“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”

RAY! dang you
You been woke that long?
Wish I could live long enough to see to see the academic analyses that expose the trope of ‘wasting the vote’.

Sometimes it makes sense to pay more because you get more. Biden’s plan is to pay more to get less, and his plan includes, not insignificantly to those who care, more horrible suffering and death. He can’t justify his position, as is evidenced by the nonsense responses he gives to those questioning it: like, if people want private insurance, they should not be prevented from getting it.

I learnt a long time ago, when people give you stupid answers, it’s generally not because they are stupid, but because they are lying, prevaricating, or incredibly biased…

“What would be the point of being rich anymore if everybody got good healthcare?” (/satire)

Thats a violation of the rule of proportionality and its “trade distorting” if it has poor people getting more for less.

Biden would never do that because that would trigger the US being brought before a WTO Trubunal. Lets put it this way, we promised to let foreign financial services providers in and we promised to make it profitable for them. Their core markets are poor people.

WHAT?!?!? To the best of my knowledge he said no such thing, and instead said that the ACA was but a first step toward the goal of an un-specified universal health care system. Please cite your source so I can correct them.

Unfortunately, the author, an artist by trade, assumed that her readers would be astute enough to understand that she was referring to the USian health care system as it stands, which both I and Walter Kronkite have long insisted is neither healthful, nor caring, nor a system.

There is a typo here- the Yale study said that Medicare for All would save roughly $450, not $45 billion annually.

Thats totally wrong and its very deceptive.

See ~http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=