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'A Vote for Climate Disaster': Senate Confirms Tillerson as Secretary of State


'A Vote for Climate Disaster': Senate Confirms Tillerson as Secretary of State

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Senate has confirmed former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, revealing "just how much fossil fuel industry money has corrupted Congress," as climate group 350.org put it.


Have you ever actually been to Kabuki theatre?


Kabuki theater is also know as bizarre or avant garde theater, which is what Jamb is referring to. The makeup of the lead actor and his puppet master, Bannon fit into the bizarre and avant garde.


I know what it is and I know it is used here to suggest some kind of sophistication.


It is now official, Rasputin in a suit (Tillerson the Terrible) is now the American soviet tsar of the U S State Department. There is not enough champagne in Russia for all the celebrations. Putin will have to order out for more and have it flown in post haste on a Tupolev Tu-154, perhaps.


Snarky, snarky....


Good post. However, I would change "paychecks" to "bribes".


Full speed ahead with electric cars and solar and wind energy to reduce the demand for oil for transportation. Electric cars running on green energy is the best answer to Exxon and those who voted for Tillerson. That is what we need regardless of who is secretary of state and whether or not the United States is in or out of the Paris climate agreement.


You must be the rare individual with a memory and a sense of honesty.


Exactly. I've been saying for a while now we as individuals have to do all we can to combat climate change. The government sure as hell isn't going to do it. To that end, I have been driving electric for 6 years and my car is charged by my solar array. Fossil fuels are obsolete. It's only a matter of time for the widespread adoption of solar and wind to crush fossil fuels.


It's over. Trex is the iceberg that is going to sink Titanic Earth.

We just hit him. Exxon Mobile now owns the second most powerful position on Earth. More destructive Oil Wars are a foregone conclusion.

Thanks Democrats!

There should be no doubt now, that you can never trust a Democrat. They are a Fake Opposition Party.

What do we want?

PAPER BALLOTS with write-in blanks.


Senators: Manchin, Warner, King and Heitkamp all dem o rats that have sold out to big oil for filthy lucre! Not really surprised but thoroughly disgusted!


Retweeted by Justice Democrats @justicedems

Hi @MarkWarner @SenatorHeitkamp @Sen_JoeManchin , let me introduce you to @justicedems . We're gonna primary you & end your sad careers. K bye https://t.co/w4s82jDxAP

— Secular Talk ( @KyleKulinski ) February 1, 2017


Surely you meant vodka. Yes?


No, because there is too much contraband rot-gut vodka now that has poisoned any number of Russians this year and last. RT news were the ones reporting that Putin was popping corks on champagne bottles with the initial anointment of T the T. (My local PBS stations airs RT news late at night, which is frighteningly interesting.)

Vodka is the drink of the peasants. Now that Putin is a billionaire, $25,000 a bottle (or more) champagne is the only fitting celebratory drink.


More "swamp=-draining", I see. Some draining.
You know, I remember here in Florida, about 6 months-one year after Bush II left office several years back. Someone put up a billboard that showed Bush's smirking, dumb-ass face, with the caption, "Miss me yet?"
I'd like to put one up of Obama asking the same thing. And sorry, but even as imperfect as he was, I'd say, Hell yes!


I stand corrected. Pour me another.


Yes. Well said!

" All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." T.J.

Well Mr. Jefferson, that's the whole problem, many,many people of good conscience have not remained silent about the coming perdition of the earth climate, but most of the people, in congress, are either insouciant or have no conscience.


Agree--and to think the US had the first electric car way back when. See, "Who killed the electric car?"


I am letting all my democrat friends know about the Justice Democrats. It would be good to see them take over their party because it will be easier to work with them and besides a nation of over 300 million people cannot be represented by only two major parties. Time to start pushing leftward.