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A Vote For This Tax Plan Is A Vote Against Women And Families

A Vote For This Tax Plan Is A Vote Against Women And Families

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Economic inequality for women is a huge weakness for our nation, and the GOP proposed tax plans in the US House and Senate could turn that disaster into a national calamity.

"Most heartbreaking of all, we know that the GOP tax plan, which is being rushed through even though it's the most comprehensive tax reform bill in decades, takes an ax to the American dream for many of our children."

““Members of Congress who vote to pass the GOP tax plan do so at their own risk. Women are watching, counting this vote, and will remember this at re-election time. It’s time for congressional Republicans to rethink their approach, invest in programs that help reduce income inequality and boost our economy, and open the doors to opportunity, instead of slam them shut.””

Women make up over half of the voters in this country and they do get out to vote…
“Hell hath no fury as A woman scorned” and rightly so-
So, go ahead Republicans, just tighten the noose, it’s your funeral…


Liberal men; real liberal, not fake left liberal, are watching and some of us have lots of time to post on the net to help others to understand things. Seems the folks hurt worse by the tax scam are women, especially poor single ones, poor in general, and a little reported one students. The students carrying loans won’t be able to deduct interest, interest that runs 5-7 points higher than average, and the grad students will be taxed in the stipends they rely on to get through graduate school. This will insure foreign grad students, in essence, get preferential placement and tax advantages not afforded American students. Medicaid cuts hurt all the poor, care will now be a luxury few can afford or have access to. Seems the GOP fools care more for the unborn than children born into poverty. Where’s the support once born into a world with no future? Yeah, thought so; there isn’t. They’re right,(the real left) this will be the biggest tax scam ever or what I refer to as a tax coup by corporate vampires and their stooges in Congress. May they rot in toxic waste.


True, but it is also harmful to white men. By being a divisive Diversity you are playing into the Right’s Hands. We are altogether now, like the Fab Four said. Of course the poor are going to pay for the tax cut. Regressive taxes are the fabric of Oligarchy. The 40 Year’s of RR have seen the abandonment of progressive taxation, pro peace, antiwar Democrats, Unions, all because the Clinton-Obama Dems thought the Mexicans were the new King orbQueen makers. We need to get back home. FDR rates on personal income tax, tax the gross not net of corporations. The net is an ongoing fiction story. Taxing net income allows any company with a lobbyist to deduct anything they can tuck into any bill anytime. Parties? A Dylan concert? Warriors season tickets? All deductible. Lobbyists? Educational gifts to nonprofits who educate elected officials about supply side economics? Etc. tax the gross not net and all the money hidden by crooks like Tim Cook in caves in Ireland is rated. Then Cook can take up his fetishes with the shareholders. Women. Kids, men, we are all one. Let’s celebrate Unity not Diversity and start winning.

There is an amendment in this tax horror called ‘fetal personhood’.
It would basically end most forms of birth control.
Most seniors are women, so cuts to SS, Medicare and Medicaid, (which will happen when the republiCons get back their true religion, ‘the deficit’) are also huge hits to survival.

This is a vote to fatten the GOP corporatist types already thick pocketbooks and to KILL PEOPLE THE REST OF US…