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A Wake-Up Call on Mining Waste


A Wake-Up Call on Mining Waste

Rhea Suh

Last week, three million gallons of toxic wastewater spilled into Colorado's Animas River.

As a Colorado native who fished the state's wild streams for trout as a child, I've been sickened by the tragic release of mining waste that contaminated miles of the storied Animas River.

As an environmentalist, I hear in this disaster an urgent wake-up call: It's time to get serious about cleaning up abandoned mines and the dangerous pollution building up inside them.


Great message. The EPA (or its contractors) DID NOT cause this problem. The corrupt and complicit media would have us believe otherwise. Did the EPA (or its contractors) benefit from the extractions of Pacha Mama’s wares? I think not. A boil burst whilst the EPA (and its contractor) was trying to mitigate past sins. Period. End of sentence.


What has surprised me is the lack of media coverage of this. I learned about it on Al Jazreea news.
That is the only media outlet it has been on. Now this article on common Dreams.
I wish you luck and a heartfelt apology.