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A Walk In the (Fascist) Park

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/18/walk-fascist-park


Ah yes, the great trump, what a LOSER! Watched a film last night about trumps hero and saviour “Roy C. Cohn; Bully, Coward, Victim”. In said film, made by Julius & Ethel Rosenbergs grand daughter, cohn is shown meeting trump, that love was a two way affair.trump was shown as the malignant bastard that he was then, and he has only magnified his total bastardliness since, hence the monster that trump is today. cohn was also referred to the as an almost pure evil. much like trump exhibits to this day.


Yes, Trump is another garden variety fascist. Except-----now that Fate in the form of a pandemic has challenged him-----he’s just pretending that Covid is not there. And if Covid really is there, Trump seems determined to die but take the city of Tulsa along with him. Too frightened of death to go alone, he no doubt wants to take an entire city with him. City of Tulsa----please don’t show!


StardustlBID - Agreed! . …With one exception: If the Trump supporters in Tulsa show up and stay completely away from non-Trump supporters afterwards to avoid infecting them too (non-Trump supporters must as precaution quarantine themselves)-- then let the Trump supporters show up and fulfill their decision and desire to die along with him. Another example of a group drinking the cool aid for their master.

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The more things change, the more they remain the same.
Patriots, I recommend you arm yourselves and organize.
Again I return to Jefferson*

“It can never be too often repeated, that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while our rulers are honest, and ourselves united. From the conclusion of this (Revolutionary) war we shall be going down hill. It will not then be necessary to resort every moment to the people for support. They will be forgotten, therefore, and their rights disregarded. They will soon forget themselves but in the sole faculty of making money…”

Jefferson’s warning about slavery…
“The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on the one part, and degrading submissions on the other…I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever; that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situations is among possible events; that it may become probable by supernatural interference! …I think a change already perceptible, since the origin of the present revolution. The spirit of the master abating, that of the slave rising from the dust, his condition mollifying, the way I hope preparing , under the auspices of heaven, for a total emancipation, and that this is disposed, is the order of events, to be with the consent of the masters rather than by their extirpation.”

  • It is not proven that Tho. Jefferson raped a 13 year old slave, Sally Hemings. The Scholars’ Commission Report on the Jefferson-Hemings Relationship determined that the charges were most likely false and that any of a number of Jefferson relatives were likely to have impregnated Hemings. 5 of his male relatives were in their teens and early twenties at the time. Jefferson was in his 40s at her first pregnancy and preoccupied with other women and matters of State.
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Hi LynneC.
If trump read more he would already know that Tulsa will be a disaster for so many! The lesson of “Mask of the Red Death,” is that people who gather together in a pandemic will meet death after all. : If no one came----that would be the thing that killed Trump the easiest.

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