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A Wall Won't Fix Immigration


A Wall Won't Fix Immigration

Jim Hightower

The wailing in our country about the "invasion of immigrants" has been long and loud. As one complainant put it, "Few of their children in the country learn English...The signs in our streets have inscriptions in both languages...Unless the stream of the importation could be turned they will soon so outnumber us that all the advantages we have will not be able to preserve our language, and even our government will become precarious."


Walls are for cowards. Love is for the brave.


Absolutely true! Find the root of the problem and work on that. Hint: Corporations.


The “only” wall that we could ever possibly need, is one built to separate the People from the Evil Oligarchs and the Politicians that lick their feet and do their bidding.

“That” is the only wall I’ll be willing to pay for.


The other thing is how people are assimilated in the U.S. which is proving to be problematic when looked at from a multidisciplinary level. Oh well, we’ll just wait until it reaches another crisis and deal with it then. And so it goes.


There is only about one-fourth of people crossing the border as there was 20 years ago so to a large extent the problem has been solved. I believe most of the people who came in 20 years ago were from Mexico but the people now coming in seem to be mostly from three Central American countries. It is said that as many people are going back across the border as are coming in so there really is no problem. This is just racism stirred up by Trump for political reasons. The way to solve the current problem is get Republicans out of office including Trump in he runs again. For the US there is a problem assimilating Hispanics into the overall culture. They continue to not do as well in school as most other demographic groups and this situation still needs to be addressed. Certainly privatizing the schools is not the answer and either is attacking science which seem to be at the core of Trump’s educational policy. The country is rapidly heading backwards and onto getting Republicans out of office and stop this disastrous trend.


Another example of Trump playing his base for suckers. Fear is a primal instinct, and one easily exploited. You don’t have to scan the crowd at a Trump rally to understand much of his support is derived from ignorance, the root of fear. And nothing gets the firebreathers more scared than the thought of their country turning brown.

The logisitcs, cost and environmental damage are ludicrous enough, but the wall’s effectiveness - the most important component - is the biggest joke. We know how many workers are here by just overstaying their visas. It’s impossible to patrol a couple thousand miles of the border, so eventually migrants will find a way to circumvent/chip away at the monstrosity.

So it’s not about security or protecting the border. The game is keeping a pool of swindled supporters hypnotized while the rich slip out the back door with more and more of the nation’s wealth.


Keeping our noses out of their countries would help, if its not too much to ask.


Children learn a second language very quickly from other children and they speak it without a dialect.


I did a research paper on bilinguals. Yes, studying the basics in a foreign tongue slows down some people’s learning. But some studies indicate that if they entered school at five with no English, they’ll be caught up on average by grade six AND have a higher IQ because multilingual thinking gives the brain flexibility.

Interestingly, as I did this paper in Alabama, my sources would disappear just about as soon as I found them.

I think each person’s case would be different, however. Some areas become Hispanic in all arenas, and this would deter the effect of immersion.


CD. My first big job after college was as a manufacturing engineer, responsible for trying to solve any problem in my product line plantwide. When I first started explaining to my boss my early attempts at analysis, solution and implementation, my boss replied, "Put numbers on it. If you don’t put numbers on it, you’re just whining. "

So CD, what are the numbers? Worldwide immigrants, reasons, success rate at immigration, death rate, country with most leaving, countries with most accepted.
Population s, number of illegals, number of those returned, number of those incarcerated, number killed…

Totals as well as percentages.


Wouldn’t that be the difference between immigration and colonization?


I’m not clear about what you mean.


I guess at what point does immigration become colonization as it relates to assimilation. In the U.S. the largest group of immigrants was first Germans and they remain the largest group. If you go back further you see the migration of Native Americans on a similar level. It is a trend so I thought you might have some thoughts on this?


It seems to me that a language group can dominate culturally without overturning local or remote government forms. One example is South Florida, with Miami having Cuban culture and langage, yet very clearly in sync with American style government. Other regions include all of India, any pockets around China, Russian border regions, and many other places.

In areas where children continue to hear exclusively a minority language in their community, their attentiveness at school determines whether or not they can progress in school. If the teacher also lacks the national language skills, students may not progress.

I think language, government alliances, and assimilation into a culture are not necessarily linked. So immigration v. colonization, it’s tricky. I believe one reason that the US culture is different from the British has more to do with American Indian influence than the Germans.

The Indian caste system, you may know, was developed to deal with immigration. It established peaceful rules for deference. Incoming conquerors got a top caste, and the conquered, either resident or immigrant, got the bottom rank.


Ok, linguistically indigenous people in America are related, however culturally they don’t speak as one group. It isn’t a top to bottom culture. With immigration came the blood quantum and the basis of group identity. For instance people that are of mixed ancestry several points removed cannot speak for the larger group even though they may culturally identify with that group. It is just the opposite for immigrants. That is why you have non-hispanic white added to the census.


I’m waiting for the time when people are just seen as people. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting to join my ancestors hopefully we can still do that. I enjoyed this conversation. Thank you.


Better get out there and get lovin… cause you and your fellow lovers have failed as spectacularly as it is possible to fail so far looking at the progress.


Walls built by incompetent texan monkeys won’t even stop a teASS monkey… would need to have something smarter than an armadillo building the wall.

Soviets proved walls work beyond even a drooling special ed students doubt. Only the truly retarded think a wall won’t work. History proves otherwise every time.