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A War on Regulations


A War on Regulations

Jill Richardson

The incoming Republican government is waging a war against regulations.


While I (mostly) agree with the conclusions reached here, I recoil at the false equivalency of the Republican attitude toward regulations and that of Democrats (or liberals or progressives, pick your label). Republicans come to the issue from a dogmatic point of view -- all regulation is bad and should be eliminated. Responsible people come to the question on an issue by issue basis -- Is this regulation based on sound science or sound reasoning? Does it efficiently achieve its goal?

The author's deference to the Republican world view serves to enable it, not to constrain it. For example, the cited Trumpian 2-for-1 approach to repealing regulations is just stupid and totally detached from facts, reality, science, common sense, or [insert your characterization here]. But it is a window into the Republican world view and should raise an alarm among all reasonable people that Republicans are a threat to our society, our government and our democracy.


Pretty strong, but not so far off. The problem is ideology. It's what went wrong with Stalin and with the one-child policy in China. You just can't govern effectively on such a principle.