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A Warning Regarding the Blow to Brazilian Democracy and Its Global Consequences


A Warning Regarding the Blow to Brazilian Democracy and Its Global Consequences

Noam Chomsky, Celso Amorim, et al.

The following is an open statement warning against the possible election in Brazil of "a fascist, racist, chauvinist and homophobic candidate, one who calls for violence and armed repression." The statement was first published Spanish in El Diario and in English at Open Democracy.


Who cares as long as we have the Kardashians.


best political commentary in years…seriously


With Hungary and Poland also looking more than shaky democratically, one must wonder if the US is in trouble as far as keeping our democracy. We will almost certainly have a packed corporate right-wing Court for decades. It’s troubling.


It seems like nations everywhere are going crazy. Is it the air pollution, a warming ocean, the poisoned food------climate change seems to be an equal opportunity destroyer of people and nations. : (


Hey stardustIBID, or a concerted effort of the 1% around the world ? A last ditch effort to control the worlds population and markets to their advantage, before partial/total collapse. Just saying.


Neo-liberal policies promoted by the USA are a major reason for fascists gaining control in many other nations. The US government openly backs the fascist government of Ukraine and other right wing governments, so its preference will be fascists in Brazil rather than the Workers’ Party.


Yes, but the role of the USA in the rise of global and Latin American right-wing reaction can be, and usually is, exaggerated by the left. The rise of the right in Brazil is largely home-grown - with help of trans-national interests. Bogeyman-conspiratorial-narrative based analyses are neither an accurate nor effective in resisting the rise of dangerous capitalism. Worse, the neo-tankie support of some truly vile murdering-torturing dictators that arises from this infantile form of “anti-imperialism” has discredited the radical left.


I wonder where the leftist-for-the-neo-fascist right Glen Greenwald is in all of this. He expended quite a few words in English, and no doubly 10 times as many in Portuguese in recent years attacking Lula, Dilma, and the PT.

He certainly did his part to get Trump elected too.


I am pretty sure you are incorrect. Greenwald has not attacked Lula or Dilma. He has given many interviews and written articles discussing how the elite and corrupt in Brazil are usurping the will of the people by unseating and jailing these two.


Just in case anyone wonders why Naom Chomsky is weighing in on a Brazilian issue…in 2002 I was in Brazil for the World Social Forum. One day I was resting outside when a car approached, flanked by people yelling LULA! LULA!" I’d heard that some soccer star had attended a year earlier and wondered if that’s who this was.l My English-speaking Brazilian roommate said no, Lula was a candidate for the Workers’ Party, but he’d lost twice so they were a bit disgusted with him (a few months later he became President of Brazil). I tried to attend a session in which one of three speakers was Noam Chomsky but the hall was packed so I left;. My roommate told me that people had been in a previous venue for three hours, and were pissed because they lost their seats when the venue was moved to a bigger space–because everyone wanted to see Chomsky. They ran the session on a screen outside the room and she said some people were unhappy that they ran the Portuguese translation–they wanted to hear Chomsky’s in the original English. That’s how much of a star he was in Brazil in 2002.


Chomsky and Zinn were my 2 heroes back in that time frame.


This was the set up in 1943 for the CIA and their opening operations to
control our free press, to move ex-Nazis into the US to found the CIA and
to be funneled into US agencies and “hot” spots around the world –
and to ensure that ONLY right wing governments would rise in nations over
which the US had influence and control at the end of WWII – Italy, France,
Germany, Japan. In Italy, US actually resurrected the CIA in order to ensure
that Gladio would be carried out effectively.

See: CIA Operations Mockingbird, Paperclip (200,000 Nazis), Gladio

Didn’t know that CIA were moving funds to Vatican to keep communists out in Italy.

The Alliance Between the CIA and the Vatican » The Event …
› Cabal Exposed
The CIA funds were deposited by members of Don Calo’s crime family in Catholic banks throughout Italy, including Banco Ambrosiano. These banks, thanks to the Lateran Treaty (which established Vatican City as a sovereign state), were safe from scrutiny by the Bank of Italy and Italy’s treasury department.

Here’s more info on the Vatican and the CIA –


They’re getting closer every day to pulling off a Rise of the Fourth Reich.


The Supreme Federal Court from Brazil condemned him based in concrete juridic facts. It was a great achievement to Brazil’s democracy put in jail the leader of the biggest scheme of corruption in recent Brazil history. There is a lot more to do.