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A Warning to Joe Biden: Trump Is Winning the Covid-19 Spin Game

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/31/warning-joe-biden-trump-winning-covid-19-spin-game

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Winning in what sense? William Rivers Pitt expresses amazement at Orangeman’s tenacity in destroying his own campaign. He recently fired everyone in sight on his campaign staff and put (you’re not gonna believe this, I still can’t) Jared Freaking Kushner, noted Sadim (reverse Midas) with everything he touches, in charge of the 2020 campaign. Meanwhile, one of ByeDone’s main problems is constantly screwing up on the campaign trail, which no longer exists. Orangeman picks off swing states at breakneck pace:

With one fell swoop, Trump has managed to unnecessarily antagonize three Southern states that are central to his hopes for remaining in office. North Carolina isn’t happy with Trump’s sudden and inexplicable threat to remove the convention, and the people of Florida and Georgia likely will not embrace the idea of inviting a potential COVID bomb into their midst come summertime. All three states are currently in play for the general election. Stack Michigan in the pile, and Trump appears more and more to be an arsonist looking to burn his own campaign down to the stumps.

Trump’s Reelection Strategies Are Killing a Massive Number of People
by William Rivers Pitt


I foresee the October surprise COVID-19 vaccination as Trump’s ace in the hole.

Trump recently tasked his drug CEOs to have a vaccination on the street by the end of 2020 and the military ready to set up clinics in every county, an unprecedented schedule for a new vaccine.

Count on the military setting up drive-up clinics in every county for everybody who wants a vaccination at no cost to them by mid-October…cost to the taxpayers be damned. Also count on a press release two days after the November election confirming that the vaccination is ineffective. Can you say placebo?


They shouldnt rush vaccines, because the wrong vaccine can leave people more, not less vulnerable.

This happens a lot with animal vaccines and its why so few new human vaccines are being made.

Did you ever consider that might be their plan?

I wouldn’t take any vaccine that Trump is pushing. And even one from a legitimate source is a wait-and-see for me. Not that I’m against vaccines. But something this new and rushed through without the usual testing is not something I’m eager to try.


Well, I think the only people that believe any of his lies and distractions are his base. Nobody else is that stupid. Are they?

What gets me is how successful this administration has been at hiding the true scope of this pandemic in the US by lying about it (minimizing the seriousness of it), doing very little testing, and then getting people to believe the results accurately reflect the true scope of this disease that, based on the little data we have, kills about one out of every five people it infects.

Where I live in podunk Kansas the health dept’s website says there have only been 15 cases in the county, but they don’t tell you how many people have been tested. Based on my own personal experience trying to get myself tested for a persistent cough I’ve had it’s impossible to get tested here unless you are so sick you are practically ready to be intubated. So I have no doubt the disease figures are much higher since I doubt they have tested many people. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are also misrepresenting the death rates, too,somehow.

So most people here act like nothing is wrong by not social distancing or wearing masks in public places. This pisses me off because it puts everyone at risk, even people like me who do take it seriously and take precautions, which might not be good enough since this disease is so efficient at moving from person to person.

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Gee, who’s Donald Trump even running against? We don’t have half a candidate between the two parties, and we are looking at a wave of events that may be choreographed to excuse martial law.


Tough call for Biden. Hard to spin when your not moving at all.


biden must go ALL IN ON MEDICARE FOR ALL! This would be an automatic win, no matter how efed-up his character! lol - trump will be pressured to resign by the gop, I believe, just like Nixon was, back in '72?
So, trump’s in a bunker under the White House, somewhere! Monday news should be interesting! Oh, and violent “outsiders” torched St. John’s Church across from the Capitol, but was put out in time. And the AFL-CIO union hall in the same area was torched. Seemingly, both arsons by unknowns (the usual domestic terrorists that never get reported as such by MSM) lol. What lurks in the minds of corporate-tainted sociopaths is anybody’s guess.

The author of this article, Anna Jacobs, is an idiot. She works for the Brookings. Enough said? No, I’ll say more! She is still spouting the Russia conspiracy as if there were any truth to the original allegations of the Dems. She thinks the Mueller probe was determinative of Trump’s involvement with Russia. She apparently thinks Michael Flynn was treated fairly by the FBI. She thinks there was no involvement of the Obama administration to get Flynn. The reason that Trump is succeeding at all with public opinion is because the Dems focused for more than three years on a fabricated Russian conspiracy to steal the 2016 election from the rightful winner, Her Highness. Instead of focusing on the hundreds of horrible things Trump did they gave him a pass, mostly because the Dems were complicit in most bad things Trump did. Instead of trying to alleviate the financial problems of the working class who suffered from the government ordered isolation, they played ball with Trump to bail out the rich and the large corporations. Specifically, the Dems did not propose massive cash payments to the workers and free health care. Had they done so from the beginning they would have guaranteed winning elections for many years. What is a better way to win an election than to buy votes, and they could have done it with government money. Instead, they listened to their large donors, which are more important to them than doing things to benefit people in need. Of course, another reason Trump is doing as well as he is with public opinion is because he is running against the despicable Joe Biden.


Biden & Corporate Dems are just where they want to be. They feel Clinton lost because she was under Obama’s total in the black vote in swing states. Biden was Obama’s VP. He doesn’t have the Clinton baggage. Now with race in the forefront they can run the same issueless campaign. They are certain increases in Black voters put them over in the heartland devastated by NAFTA and Supply side Neo conservative policies.

Exactly. The first exposure to a virus determines your body’s subsequent reactions to it significantly.

And given there are probably dozens of efforts, all around the world, to produce vaccines, there should be a choice of them.

So I agree, I think it would be prudent to research which one you get quite a bit.

There is also the possibility, that no vaccine conveys permanent immunity. That the most it could protect people for would be a shorter period of time. I don’t think we have any guarantees there, because people who had “recovered” have gotten mildly sick again. Were they infectious? They tested positive for the virus in nasal swab PCR testing. I don’t know where that stands right now, Ive been trying to folow the issue on pubmed. Its still an open issue in the medical community, it seems to me.

Also, some “experts” are claiming the virus is decreasing in virulence. Again, I have too little information to really form much of an opinion on that yet.

It seems to me that this virus is likely to remain with us for some time but a lot of the assumptions that people are making are questionable. Its particularly distressing that Trump pulled us out of the WHO because they have a commitment to COVID-19 drugs being affordable for all and just announced a long overdue idea, the creation of a COVID-19 information and IP pool, to push the research along, and we seem to be opposing that effort…

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The Dems have chosen one of the worst candidates to win the WH with Biden. On a list of who not be back, out of 30, Biden would be #30. Worse, the DP has no agenda other than Trump Must Go. They have no progressive/liberal/socialist/LGBT agenda (all of that has been ignored/dismissed/ridiculed, etc. Medicare For All–FORGETIT!!! If those Conservative Centrist Dems take the Senate (a long shot), possess a majority, I can assures you they will be gone in 4 years after taking power (even) and the rabid RP will return with a vengeance. Failing to take the Senate, McConnell will still be holding all the power and the DP will have no power to do anything, just like what occurred with Obama–WHO was no friend to us 99Percenters who keep getting thrown under the bus. Even AOC.has thrown in the towel by getting into bed with that sellout Biden. I cannot vote for Biden as much as I detest Trump, That changes nothing for any of us worker bees, or disappearing White Collar managers. Both parties need to come to an end before REAL change can occur, bit it appears the US may down down in flames and ruin before that occurs.


Those “task forces” – what a joke. Funny how Sanders’ basic policy platform throughout his campaign was itself a solution to many, if not most, of our economic and health problems, but now he’s holding meetings with his corporate lapdog buddies in the party to figure out what to do? In other words, what tiny sliver of universal healthcare, debt forgiveness, a decent living wage, and the Green New Deal are they willing to give us, in the form of their usual crumbs? It’s nothing but a charade, to give us the appearance that they are doing something.

Bernie Sanders knew all along what needs to be done, and that is what he should still be shouting for. But now he’s content to relegate himself to “working with” the very people who he knows want to take an axe to his ideas that they think are too “radical.”

Sanders is an empty shell of the revolutionary that he pretended to be. Shoulda gone Green, Bernie. Or started your own party. This way, you’re a joke.


It’s not over till it’s over, and may have only just begun. The country is settling into a gigantic experiment in disease transmission. Let’s see where that goes before we talk politics as usual.

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If there was absolutely no obstruction of justice by Trump Why did the Republicans deny witnesses and evidence at the trial. Mueller said that charges could be brought but he didn’t do it himself. Barr spun all that.

Jacobs even applauds the smoke & mirrors of the phony task forces.

Biden is toast. Because Biden is a shit candidate. 2016 redux. End of story.

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Most Democrats think that just having had the Mueller investigation is proof in itself that Trump conspired with the Russians. The results of the investigation are not of any importance to them.
This author’s ignorance is perfectly in line with liberal thinking.
And with the Dems pushing their weakest candidate on us, does anyone think that the Dems REALLY care about getting the odious Trump out of office? Or is their main goal to just keep progressives (Sanders) out of power?

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