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A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/19/washington-echo-chamber-new-cold-war

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Upon his 1981 ascent to the throne Raygun quickly evolved the military industrial complex (that Ike warned us about two decades earlier) into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that soon became the largest recipient of corporate welfare, and by the turn of the 21st century was roping in more corporate welfare than all the other corporate welfare recipients combined.

The US has been in a civil cold war at least since Newt’s 1995 contract on America, so the time is right to get a global cold war going, indeed.

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…it matters little whether we’re talking about the Trump administration or the future Biden one…

Eh. We’re only talking about nuclear war and the end of civilization here. Who cares if Democrats have joined Republicans in the Neocon aggression that will end the world? What does it matter, that the only national antiwar and anti-nuclear Party, the Greens, got less that 400,000 votes, nationwide?

Orange Man bad, I hear…


Yeah, Ike warned us as he was walking out the door, but did nothing about it for 8 years when they were much less organized and powerful. Thanks Ike.

More transparency won’t translate into more and deeper coverage of this death dealing by a corpress that shares a commitment to imperial imperatives.

Note there has been a huge spike in Government debt in the USA since Trump took office (Almost 10 trillion added) Interestingly China has stopped buying US Treasuries. The Japanese are buying it up now.

We had that former undersecretary of defense in the Obama administration recently state the US Navy must build up in the South China sea so that it can destroy the entire Chinese fleet in 72 hours. This new Cold War appears not only designed to load the arms makers pockets with more profit , but to get Foreign Countries to buy US debt to receive “protection”.

Signs from the World:
"Many people today are feeling anxious about the future. They are feeling anxious about the course that humanity is taking and about the great difficulties that are emerging within and beyond nations. Perhaps their fears are associated with specific things or specific tendencies. But however they evaluate their feelings, their feelings are giving them a sign and a clue that the world is entering a more difficult and prolonged challenge and set of circumstances. Regardless of people’s beliefs and assumptions, their feelings, if they can be anticipated and really considered, will give them these signs.

Perhaps people will say, “Well, I am very hopeful things will turn out well.” Perhaps they will say, “Well, we will meet these challenges with new technology.” Perhaps they will say, “We have been through difficult times before, and we will endure and emerge successful here.”… from the New Revelation, the teaching called Signs from the World: …from the Book, Preparing for The Great Waves of Change.

You have time, but not much time. You face many escalating converging forces:
You face a world of planetary environmental system collapse,
You face ever increasing wars and military spending,
You face economic collapse, and social-political unrest…Think about, are these changing, No, You must prepare to live in this world, prepare your children to face this world… Humanity has unleased powerful forces.

The Chinese are coming–!! The Chinese are coming–!!

Defense contractors and foreign governments are spending millions of dollars annually funding establishment think tanks ([sometimes in secret] in ways that will help set the foreign-policy agenda in the Biden years. In doing so, they gain a distinctly unfair advantage when it comes to influencing that policy, especially which future tools of war this country should invest in and how it should use them.

Many of the top think-tank recipients of foreign funding are also top recipients of funding from this country’s major weapons makers.

Not surprisingly, many of the top think-tank [recipients]of funding from this country’s major weapons makers. The result: an ecosystem in which those giant outfits and some of the countries that will use their weaponry now play major roles in bankrolling the creation of the very rationales for those future sales. It’s a remarkably closed system that works like a dream if you happen to be a giant weapons firm or a major think tank. Right now, that system is helping accelerate the further militarization of the whole Indo-Pacific region.

This is right wing propaganda for WAR … which all of these companies should be
barred from participating in – and actually creating.


Before my time but from my perspective, looks to me like Ike warned about the MIC but never did anything about it! Not surprising since Ike was a Republican and a five star General.

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See what happens when We the People are conned into accepting “The Lesser of Two Evils” as our only choice? Biden and his gang are saying, "Now, where was I before I was interrupted by tRump? Oh, yes. Building up a cold war, lots of MICC buildup and profits, and prepare for a big war with its real profits! Oh, yeah, We’ve gotta do something about the pandemic, more profits for Big Med and a cut back on services to the little people, we’ve got too many of them as it is, that’ll do it."
** And awayyyy we go! If We the People don’t wake up and take action, now, before Biden gets it all locked down, we shall truly live, as the Chinese say, “in interesting times.” That is not a blessing, by the way, it’s a curse.