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A Wealth Tax Could Raise Trillions — and Save Our Democracy


A Wealth Tax Could Raise Trillions — and Save Our Democracy

Chuck Collins

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has jolted the body politic with a bold proposal to tax the concentrated wealth of the richest 75,000 households in the United States. It’s about time someone took up this mantle.



the wealthy should feel grateful to pay more taxes, afterall they live in a country that allowed them to become rich. our infrastructure is falling apart, our schools are falling behind and our minimum wage is disgusting. in the days that the rich paid their fair share, we went to the moon. just think of what we could accomplish today

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I say, we put it to the people on the ballot.

A hand counted paper ballot.

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Berni/Liz is the ticket to beat.

A Wealth tax along the lines of Norway and other progressive countries has worked well. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable to governments like Macron’s.

A Wealth Cap however, is simple and democratic if established by yearly online referendum. And it can’t be changed by political whims.

The Wealth Cap considers all personal income and assets and preferably distributes cap excesses equally among all citizens instead of giving them to politicians to squander.

As money is power, the point of a Wealth Cap is to curb dictatorial power centralization together with wealth concentration.

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