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A Well-Armed and Unpatriotic Far Right

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/27/well-armed-and-unpatriotic-far-right

“At least he hasn’t started another war” ?

When the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP assigned Trump to lead the birther movement a decade ago, what had been a brewing civil cold war in the US ever since Newt launched his contract on America (in the mid 90s) started escalating to a more in-your-face civil war of which Charlottesville appears to have been the fist battle.

In addition to posturing for civil war, Trump has placed the US closer to a war with Iran with each passing day since he ascended the throne.


On the Proud Boys website: “Venerate the housewife.”

Yes, Trump and his cronies are awful human beings - but at least they’re in on the joke. Those cretins in the white supremacist movement are dumb enough to be completely serious about returning to the cave. Perhaps a course in ‘Irony’ would be a good start with their rehab


It is a little bit odd that the author’s husband is a high ranking military official. Is she aware that her husband’s job is to fight corporate America’s wars and to undermine democracy everywhere? If Trump orders the military to gun down fellow Americans, will her husband dutifully acquiesce?
While I agree with the author that Trump and his Republicans support overt racism, I also believe that the Democrats support subtle racism. The system must be addressed rather than the symptom.


A couple points…Those cosplay Vikings are actually celebrating the defeat of Indigenous peoples and then stealing their land. The Second Amendment is not about the split with Britain, but with making sure there are enough armed males to serve in militias, ranger groups, and slave patrols to seek out and destroy First Nations peoples and keep the slaves in their place.
A good place to start research on this is the book Loaded by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. The author shares the history and gradual fetish status placed in The Gun in our culture.
As for the military…it’s a tool of American Empire, meant to force our culture and corporations down the throats of everyone else.
While he was describing how a mechanical universe works, Newton had it right when he posited that an action brings about an equal reaction. The far-right wing is still stuck in the 60’s, revolting against the Civil Rights movements, Women’s Liberation, and freedom for LGBTQ community.


Although "the far right wing is still stuck in the 60’s their goal is to get stuck in the 80’s…1882 to be precise, one year prior to the first civil service regulations, two years prior to the first environmental regulation (banning hydraulic mining), and three years prior to US doctors finally agreeing with European doctors that you need to wash your hands before operating.


Trump has started this nation’s second “civil” war and there is nothing civil about it. The hate he has fomented is genuine and he takes great pride in his accomplishment–it is his crowning achievement. There soon will be violence and he will salivate at the reports that come to him. One sick psychopath.


Because the republicans who could get rid of him are afraid of him and his base. Plus they get all the ultra conservative judges appointed to dismantle civil rights for those they hate and get their ‘utopia’ of no more minorities.
They made a faustian bargain with the devil and gave him their souls.


I am no Trump supporter, but the liberal politicians – including some Republicans – and the mainstream media have created most of the divisions in this country. Allowing and encouraging BLM rioters to commit over $5 billion in damage in 100 cities was the tipping point. Millions of Americans are considering joining militias to protect themselves from BLM mobs and maybe battle liberals in an open civil war until conservatives can live sanely (and safely) in a new country. Liberals can then marinate in political correctness, cancel culture, wokeness, and their endless quest to root out “systemic racism” in their own country. I know which side I will be fighting on, that is for sure!


Pick up - and read - Colin Woodard’s “Union: the Struggle to Forge the Story of
United States Nationhood”.

The divisions go way further back than the “liberal media”.

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