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A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced


A Whistleblower Imprisoned, Not Silenced

Jeffrey Sterling

Two years of imprisonment have given me ample time to reflect on the circumstances in which I find myself today. I often retrace my steps, carefully recalling each conversation I had and action I took that landed me in this prison. However, in the two years that I have served, my position has never wavered. I know who I am, and I know what my values are. My name is Jeffrey Alexander Sterling, and I am an innocent man who has been wrongfully convicted of espionage after dedicating my life to serving the U.S. government.


“A safe and protected channel must be created for whistleblowers to bring attention to malpractice within their organizations.” This is SO necessary. Without knowing all the details, no one should be imprisoned for questioning the actions of the government or the military. Heaven knows they have a long history of unethical behavior. I hope he is released soon so he can be reunited with his family.


Mr. Sterling is an American hero. This is an individual who should be ‘thanked for his service’.


I have to struggle now myself (in a way it’s like “fighting” just to accomplish my job tasks following certain budget priority changes). Don’t have time to read Risen’s book or actually the money to buy it. With all Jeffrey Skilling’s qualifications in mind, however, it would seem your point, auroac, is underscored. If he thought fake plans (Merlin) inadvertently enhanced proceeding correctly on some levels…on any aspects…yeah, his opinion should have been respected and evaluated thoroughly. There needs to be a means of seriously reviewing and/or aborting such illconceived ops. Same thing with Trailblazer. Such projects have the potential of getting the US into a world of trouble…at the very least making things worse. They’re not utilitarian. Somehow [don’t ask me how] they end up more like harebrained.


Just in on my twitter

Michael A. Scarcella‏Verified account @MikeScarcella 1h1 hour ago

Now: Ex-CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in leak prosecution loses challenge to 42-month prison term. 4th Circuit

Link to opinion

June 2015 article in The Intercept
THE WHISTLEBLOWER’S TALE : How Jeffrey Sterling Took on the CIA — and Lost Everything


Emptywheel, aka Marcy Wheeler sent out tweets on this judgement

Read from bottom up. Need to go to her twitter account to get more. The last 3 I just put the tweet.

These came to my twitter account from a re tweet from Thomas Drake

emptywheel Retweeted Jake Williams
There’s also the bit about retaining a trainee performance report or rotary dialing instructions equating to keeping nuke operation docs.emptywheel added,
Jake Williams @MalwareJake
But many of these reporters also post information about leaked data. Sterling’s case is meant to scare former IC employees into silence 7/n
emptywheel‏ @emptywheel 21m21 minutes ago
Replying to @MalwareJake
You’re not in the Fourth Circuit anymore.
Just hope you never made any interesting 90 second phone calls in the Fourth.
Wow: Spooks and Mil folks: You Fourth Circuit people w/clearance are absolutely FUCKED under this Sterling appeal.
For those reading Sterling appeal: did the 4th just expand obstruction, just in time for the Trump investigation? @joshgerstein


Whistle blowers like Jeffrey Sterling are courageous and morally strong. They’re the
ones who keep us safe. They are unsung heroes/heroines. That is greatness.


As a whistleblower, you cannot trust the United States government to do what is right. Just as any world government, they will attempt to blackball you, persecute, and even attempt to kill you if you are deemed a national security risk.

You cannot trust them to do what is right. You cannot blow the whistle believing everyone will be on your side either. The mafia is interconnected with the government, military, police, and even doctors. If you believe that the United States government protects whistleblowers and will treat you fairly then you are being deceived.

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