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A Whistleblowing Visionary Offers a Ticket to Our Future—If We Take It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/26/whistleblowing-visionary-offers-ticket-our-future-if-we-take-it


AOC seems to almost rhyme with Pelosi, but outshines the status quo. "You say you want a revolution…


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corporate democrats are for corporations.

One thing corporation s want is low labor costs.


Remember the animation film Ants …well it’s coming soon to those that think they are in positions of authority the oppressors of human beings ,they are the Grasshoppers .

Watch out this too shall pass…

I sure hope Mr. Buttar is successful at dumping Pelosi. I would certainly sleep easier…


I question whether we should support Uber/Lyft ride hailing services and Amazon’s global economy. These jobs increase dependence upon driving, long-distance shipping and fuel/energy consumption which leads to catastrophic climate change. Amazon directly bankrupts local economies that are necessary to reverse the direction we’re driving like lemmings toward the collapse of the global economy. This is the bigger picture most candidates choose to ignore while seeking votes from gig economy lemmings.


Nancy Pelosi is a corporate sock puppet.
She represents everything wrong with the d-party.
And she sneers when she chides leftists for having “nowhere else to go.”


Solidaridad, mi hermano Shahid .


Someday these injustices will end.

Daniel 8:19 And he said, Behold, I will make thee know what shall be in the last end of the indignation: for at the time appointed the end shall be.