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A White House That Once Again Calls on Our Better Angels

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/white-house-once-again-calls-our-better-angels

Sorry, Jesse. This is baseless. Unless Rahm Emmanuel and Lawrence Summers constitute our better angels!


This website is still for Progressives, no…?

What is the Bible verse about - there’s a time for everything under the sun? Righteous anger can inspire creative action. Platitudes about unifying the country – one half of which certainly has been demonstrating to this very day in fact, they are disinterested - thank you very much - in unifying with anybody other than their own - appall. Appall because baseless in the emotional realities extant today. Praise righteous anger. It’s appropriate. Learn from it. It teaches boundary making. And consequences for trespassing. The Leadership Class has clearly demonstrated their incapacity to hold their own who damage - accountable. Think 2008 Wall Street Crash. We need a White House that’s unafraid of the need for boundary setting and capable enforcing them.

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“Up with hope, down with Dope!”

Hurry… somebody get the tranquilizer gun. The platitude-o-potomus got out of the cage again.