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A White Shooter, A Black Hero, Four Victims of Color, A Silent Vile President


A White Shooter, A Black Hero, Four Victims of Color, A Silent Vile President

Days after a white punk killed four young black and brown people, a Nashville waffle house has reopened with proceeds going to the victims' families. The shooting is an ugly microcosm of today's America: A white shooter with an AR-15 murders POC; he's arrested unharmed by police after a black unarmed hero stops the carnage; with no racist GOP tropes fitting, a fuckface of a President stays silent because he'll never be a quarter of the man James Shaw Jr. is.


Even without details of the white shooter this is a potent position since police shoot black men and women whom they claim have weapons when there is no evidence of the accused having a weapon.

“with no racist GOP tropes fitting, a fuckface of a President stays silent because he’ll never be a quarter of the man James Shaw Jr. is.”

Wouldn’t it be super appropriate to see this blasted all over the walls of famous buildings


The Dogwhistle Caller (aka The Daily Caller) had the story. There was a mention of the man who took the rifle away from the shooter as follows: “a good Samaritan stopped the shooter.” That was it.


I am not lying. The first article at TDC was exactly as described. I don’t read that propaganda sheet every day and so accept your presentation that more accurate reporting occured later. That you couldn’t find the article that I saw means either that you didn’t look well or that it has been removed.

The argument that Carlson “goes out of his way to present opposing viewpoints” is a laughable lie.




For someone who is so concerned with poor language, you are awful quick to call people liars. We need to hold ourselves to the same standards we demand from others.


WOW not sure what world you are living in, but you need to WAKE UP

We live in a system of Racism, Led by a RACIST President, in unison with a RACIST GOP

Followed by a Bunch of COWARDLY Democrats


The hero is not white enough to even get a mention by Trump.

Well done, young man! God bless you!


Excuse me, “Cowardly?” No. Corrupt, bought out, the same as the GOP, democrats.

If we get rid of trump we get pense who is hillary light. At least we hope he’d only be corporate war party light.

The rest of your post I agree with. Don’t DEMOPOLOGIZE. THE dem-ons know exactly what they are doing.


James Shaw JR, thank you, HERO.


If a black, or Muslim, or Mexican shooter had gone into diner and killed 4 white people, before being disarmed (or shot) by some white guy on site, do you honestly think there would be nothing but dead air from the big Tweetster about the incident?


James Shaw, Jr.…the kind of real man that djt can never be!


Abby correctly calls this racial because it is racial. Can’t you see that?


Donald Trump is probably the most blatantly racist president in my entire lifetime. He is also probably the most sexist. So for starters, Trump is incapable of serving all Americans as president of the United States. Women in and of themselves as a gender are more numerous than men. Then you add to that all non white Americans. So you have a majority of Americans that are being inadequately served by a racist, sexist slob Trump.

If someone wants to impeach Trump I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!

I keep hearing cheap shots from our Trump supporters here aimed at Barrack Obama, yet it was Obama that had a treaty with Iran to carefully control nuclear and other materials that could be used to make a terrorist nuclear bomb. Then one of the earliest moves Trump made was to cancel the treaty with Iran with nothing proposed to take its place. That is a totally asinine president that deserves impeachment…


I am patiently waiting for that humble apology.


I agree…Corrupt is more accurate


Have you figured out how to get rid of them, whatever they are?

Let me know


Start with voting Green. Voting either Dem or Rep is voting the same thing back in. Yes, they’ve usurped our voting machines. But vote green anyway.


I have been John Muir Green my entire life

But the only way I see Green winning is to take back strategic supporting locales like the pot movement

NORML (like the Greens) has done monumental work over the years but it takes a Santa Cruz to spark the revolt

Like the shot that was heard at Concord
we need a Seed change
we need to take our land back inch by inch
We need to win seats at the table

I don’t know why but traditional labels like Dem Rep Green defeat me from the start

I need a new …


Your apology is accepted. And whipping is not my approach to those with whom I disagree.

The only comment I left to make to you is that your strawman argument style is offensive. You make up qualities for those who disagree with you and then speak against those qualities. This serves only rhetorical purpose and does not advance understanding. I am not making this up, but am taking this observation from your comments here.