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A Whole New Approach to Bigotry


A Whole New Approach to Bigotry

Christopher Brauchli

Cried all, “Before such things can come,
You idiotic child,
You must alter human nature!”
And they all sat back and smiled.
— Charlotte Perkins Gilman, In This Our World


Well, your post is certainly an excellent example of all three.

Narrow-mindedness cannot be effectively countered with more of the same.



“It’s safe to say their God probably finds that surprising. He shouldn’t. Much of the evil that takes place around the world is done in the name of the God the perpetrators claim to worship. It must be hard on Him.”

The god carried over from the Old Testament, an angry, punitive, vindictive and judgmental father figure is merged with the hyper-masculine idolatry of the warrior, and the result is a deity–Mars ruled all the way–that keeps the torch of hatred, vengeance, and naked aggression lit in our world.


Perhaps they should refine their language to accurately reflect what they are referring to. This is not “religion” they are protecting, it’s their version of “Fundamentalist Christianity.” I doubt very much they’re interested in Muslim, Zoroastrian, or Buddhist belief systems and guidance. Detailed language reflecting truth would show their agenda much more clearly.


Sioux, I agree with you that many worship a God who is angry, punitive, vindictive and judgmental. I also agree that there are biblical roots for this view of the Divine.

But I want to point out that it is not true that the witness of the Divine in the Hebrew Scriptures is only of such a God, as contrasted with the Christian New Testament having a view of a loving, compassionate, forgiving and accepting God.

The truth is that both views of God run throughout the entire Biblical canon, often smashed together in the same passage. Some of the greatest pictures of the Divine being a loving figure are in the Hebrew scriptures. A few of the worst images of a retributive God who won’t always forgive are actually attributed to the words of Jesus of Nazareth.


What? No one is protecting pharmacists’ right to refuse service to LGBT people?

Do they want pharmacists sued just because they refuse to give life-saving drugs to their people their religion says should be burning in hell as soon as possible?

Hopefully some enlightened legislator will move quickly to address this inequity.


Do you live in the South? Do you deny that the politics of the South are dominated by the desire to preserve white privilege? Is there any other part of the country which wants to secede and create a theocratic state? It’s not narrow minded to recognize Southern culture for what it is? It’s your blindness that defends this sick, cruel and degenerate culture.


What you see as common sense is viewed as common stupidity by many. Also perversion is in the eyes of the beholder. What seems to be unnatural to some may be quite natural to others. If you define unnatural as something that is not often found in nature you have lost your argument. Homosexuality is found throughout nature. Humans are not much different than any other animal. I don’t see how two women, or two men loving one another could have a negative effect on your personal life. Having a little respect for our differences will cost you nothing. If people do things that offend god, that is between them and god. Mind your own business.