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A Wider World of War: Under Donald Trump, U.S. Special Forces Deployed to 149 Countries in 2017

A Wider World of War: Under Donald Trump, U.S. Special Forces Deployed to 149 Countries in 2017

Nick Turse

President's first year sets record for deployment of elite forces overseas.

"However, with special ops deployments rising above Bush and Obama administration levels to record-setting heights and the Trump administration embracing the use of commandos in quasi-wars in places like Somalia and Yemen, there appears to be little interest in the White House or on Capitol Hill in reining in the geographic scope and sweep of America’s most secretive troops."

I wonder what percentage of Americans know how many countries U.S. Special Ops have invaded, even on a small scale, since Obama and now Trump expanding such operations to include three quarters of the all countries on earth? Do they understand the cost to them in tax dollars, or perhaps worse, the cost in blowback that could include Americans wholly against such violence? Do they understand what perpetual war does to programs which benefit the vast majority, such as, Social Security, Medicare, all types of infrastructure, including programs that would eventually provide renewable energy to most everyone? Is Nationalism and propaganda so rampart and blinding that Americans cannot grasp the concept of the consequences resulting from an unrestrained Military Industrial Complex always placed above the common welfare? I truly wonder about such things and would like to see an actual scientific poll taken about the issues Nick Turse reveals in this article, along with those implied.

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My God! Since there are 193 countries in the world, this means that 44 countries are not being properly policed! Who knows what mayhem is being planned against us? When will this dereliction of duty be addressed? The patriotic thing to do is to scrap wasteful spending on infrastructure, education, the environment, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so more money can be devoted to defense spending that is sure to guarantee our safety!


the cancer in America is MILITARISM. War and weapons . MLK was killed because he was a threat to the MIC.

The article mentioned a map. CD, showing the maps on international topics would really be helpful. For pipelines, for military stuff, for everything.