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'A Win for the Planet!': Dutch Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling Mandating Climate Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/20/win-planet-dutch-supreme-court-issues-landmark-ruling-mandating-climate-action


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu


The Dutch constitution is way more enlightened than ours.
After all, this is a country where bicyclists and pedestrians always have priority over pollution-machine operators, and cannabis cafes have been legal for decades.


Wow! This is a great step forward! This case was first filed in 2013 when things were pretty bad, but there was time to make the needed changes and heal the planet. After only six years of appeals and fighting to save the planet, when the Netherlands are facing a catastrophe due to rising seas, the decision has been made by their Supreme Court that the government should step in and see that the necessary changes are made to save the planet, and the existence of life and our “civilization.”
**It will be interesting to see if this will spread to other nations of the world, such as the United States, which decided to have nothing to do with international courts, which were trying to try the United States for its illegal mining of Nicaraguan ports as part of its other illegal activities to support the Contras. That hearkens back to Carter and Reagan years. Since then, we have been the major war and pollution generator on the planet, not only for our own actions, but in supporting other fascist governments around the world, to oppress their people and rape their resources for profit and control. The US philosophy has been, “We’re bigger and tougher than any other country and we’ll do what we want. We recognize no checks and balances from anyone else on the planet, and we have the biggest military and the biggest bombs to protect our commercial profits and our continual wars against the poor and disadvantaged.” We support every dictator on the planet in their efforts to control. We support Israel’s genocide to take Palestinian land for themselves, we support the Saudis and the Emirates in their genocide of the people of Yemen for oil and land, we destabilize African countries and support fascist movements over democratic.
**The World is going to have to join together to correct this. We the People of the World must cooperate, perhaps put these rogue nations into Coventry until they decide to rejoin the human race. No trade, no press, no notice, until they not only promise to change, but are able to show a genuine effort to become part of the world, to make life better and more peaceful for their people, and show definite aid to those whom they currently oppress.
**Manysummits has quoted Lao Tzu. It is true, but we are looking at a catastrophe that could destroy all life on earth, either militarily, or from natural catastrophes. I’ve often said, “Mother Nature is coming and boy is She pissed.” Watching accelerated climate change passing one tipping point after another while the Greedopoly frantically tries to garner its last shreds of profit and hold off anything that might lessen profits, I think She is here, and may be very tired of us and what we’ve done to Her and the lives She has nurtured for so long on Her planet. We the People of the World have got to show Her that we mean business and want to help Her, not rape Her.
**Let’s get to work! A planet is a terrible thing to lose.


You’re correct in all you say in your post, David. But let’s not forget Royal Dutch Shell which is one of the largest oil and gas corporations in the world with its principal subsidiary in the US.


I hear you, Harry. It’s also sad to note the fossil fuel corporate dominance in other otherwise progressive Northern European democracies.


What I love about Dutch history is how the people just took the land from the sea. Their water management systems are fascinating. The supplementation of energy with windmills for water management is great engineering. When you drive through the countryside, you can see the system at work. It’s quite extraordinary. So, their lives, their livelihoods, their homes, and villages are at stake with rising sea levels. I love the Netherlands. I know they will do absolutely all they can to hold back the water, including the fantastical finger in a dyke, because they are so hardworking and industrious and a wonderful melting pot of immigrants.


Ironically, this value is why Trump was elected.
U.S. citizenry is clear that our government fails to “make life better and more peaceful for their people.”
Certainly, Trump was a misstep.
Now, if we can only get people to start focusing on making life better --for everybody.
How far does our sense of community extend?
This decision by the Dutch Supreme Court is one step in the current direction that humanity has only begun to take.


But trying to walk in the quicksand that trump’s hoax attitude brings, leaves us an even more difficult first step here in the U.S.


Baby-step by baby-step. Usually it feels like Zeno’s famously paradoxical foot-race. Meanwhile – oops, we just lost the Amazon, the Arctic, and Australia. Oh well. If the Climate Catastrophe intends to proceed alphabetically, places that start with a B better batten down the hatches.


Yet the Exceptional country is being taken in the exact opposite direction.

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Don’t forget Alaska and Alabama. And Arkansas of course. Ya know, all of these catastrophes are happening because of gay marriage. That’s the one common cause of every natural disaster. Gay marriages cause global warming.


I’ve never found a lovelier country than Holland.

So glad to see, they intend to keep it that way.

The coffee shops are to die for.


This ruling makes no sense. How can the court rule that a government is legally required to specifically reduce emissions by 25%? How is that constitutional (it certainly wouldn’t be in America)? Why 25? Why not 85? That should be a decision for the elected politicians. The Supreme Court doesn’t make law. It only adjudicates. This is the best example of activist judging that I’ve ever seen. What if this court ruled in the opposite direction? What would you say? You’d be outraged. And yet the only true fair answer from the court should’ve been that it doesn’t have jurisdiction to rule on the matter.

Congratulations to Earth’s New Leader: the Netherlands! THANK YOU, and congratulations for becoming Earth’s New Planetary Leader. We had high hopes for the UK and America once--------but the Netherlands shows the WAY TO LEAD.
Perhaps we should move that statue in New Amsterdam’s harbor—where that statue told people that here they could ,“breathe free-” ------BUT Time moves on and now The Netherlands leads the way. Greta is happy, I am happy and the Life-force of Earth is “over the moon!”

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Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but the plain fact is the Netherlands is responsible for just under one half of one percent of global CO2 fossile emissions. Wonder if the fact that most of the country lies below sea level had anything to do with the court’s decision?

That is it, Steve! Love and Light to our common home planet and all her life forms, each worth protecting, restoring, saving.

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What I can’t forget is their colonial history of devastation, cruelty and racism. History is a mix but please don’t overlook the negative.


You beat me to it… Idolizing any one or any culture or period in history is dangerous. But good on ‘em here and for many other things they are progressive and decent on…