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'A Win for Voters': Rights Advocates Celebrate After Appeals Court Rejects Trump's Attempt to Block Certification of PA Election Results

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/27/win-voters-rights-advocates-celebrate-after-appeals-court-rejects-trumps-attempt


Almost every incumbent Republican up for reelection in 2022 should be chastised in advertisements reminding voters that they were afraid of this clown. Their silence was complicity to the virulence of the pandemic and so much other of the rot that IQ45’s maladministration brought forth.


I think in the wake of all the court losses incurred by the orange permanent marker man, we have to not lose sight of the fact that these challenges are not being taken to court to overturn the vote. tiny donnie knows Biden won fair and square. He just wants to burn down the whole country before he leaves office. These suits are filed to make sure his cult no longer believes in the Democratic process.


I am debating reading this book, especially the 2018 softcover edition, which has an ‘Afterword’, when Trump had been in office for two years. The original book was published in 2016, and so was written before Trump became president.

“Strangers in their own Land - Anger and Mourning on the American Right”
by sociologist Arlie Russel Hochschild


As for this article - Trump intends to take it all the way to the Supreme Court, where Christian fundamentalist Barret just ruled on not closing religious gatherings in New York - destroying to my mind the separation of church and state. And it wasn’t just her - the ruling was 5-4.


the question remains–will the capture of the Supreme Court by religious bigots overturn the vote–my guess is that they will act like the un-American , anti-Constitutional religious bigots they are and vote to overturn

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I notice there is a concerted effort in the press to make it appear as though we have a functioning democracy when nothing could be further from the truth. Our “choice” is to vote for a corporate oligarchy and our media is a joke and part of the cover up.


The GOP Toadies in the PA legislatures are still behind Trump. How on earth do they keep getting elected, unless the entire state leans white supremacist?


Not quite! Religious gatherings were not closed, but they were limited to 10 or 25 people - even though the buildings in question had occupancy limits of 400 to 1000. SCOTUS ruled that these limits on these buildings were excessive and that the state could not enforce these limits. Other limits were not prohibited.

(This is a highly simplified version of the appeal and the decision. I don’t agree with all parts of the decision, but this part seems reasonable.)


They get elected to a majority through gerrymandering - thanks to one Barak Obama in 2010 and his accomplices Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many Congressional Democrats.

Pennsylvania’s voter registration is roughly 4.5 D to 3.5 R to 1.0 I, so Republicans will get some legislative seats. They get a majority by the legal but despicable method of drawing favorable districts.

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He’s Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan tRump and a f-cking psycopathic moron! Besides that he’s not that bad (!).

My highest hope is that SCOTUS will opt not to review it, effectively asserting the voters’ will above legal wrangling precisely as Judge Stephanos Bibas wrote.

Next, should SCOTUS opt to review, 9-0 unanimous vote against the appeal would disperse Trump’s grumbling base, allowing the country to move forward.

While the worst outcome would have SCOTUS overturn, even votes of 5-4, 6-3, or 7-2 are likely to leave the country in ongoing division. And from Justice Roberts alleged viewpoint, such split votes damage the court’s credibility even further.

Really, SCOTUS, this is an easy case. Don’t blow it.

“President-elect Joe Biden’s historic. . .victory”


These guys are not going away. They still working the Electoral college angle where in certain states they are trying to get the Electoral reps to vote in favor of Trump in spite of what the voters wanted.


The Senate in Pennsylvania wants to use their power to overturn the results.

I’m not clear on why any of trump’s base, (base has more than one meaning by the way), would change their stripes, ever.
Most don’t think trump is a liar, and don’t believe that the virus is what it is.
I think a 9-0 won’t phase them a bit.

On a similar note, Wisconsin’s republican majority constantly pushes to undo any covid-19 precautions that (D) governor Evers puts in place.
Not only ugly, but dangerous as well. As attested to by our high rate of infection.

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What they are doing is actively trying to sabotage the ability of the opposing party to govern. This is not good for the United States of America. In opposition they want to make things even worse so that next election they can claim they will save the day.

This is a terrible way to govern.

Trump will continue on with this nonsense until – as they’ve made clear –
they can get it to the fascist Supreme Court –

Now we have to hope that Roberts and Kavanaugh might also FEAR Trump?

the problem is that SCOTUS is not interested in truth --only power

I would like to see the voters rights advocates design pins that say: " WE VOTED BUT TRUMP CLAIMS OUR VOTES WERE FRAUDULENT!"

Their silence shows me that they are terrified of Trump because it is now not the Republican Party, but the Trump Party backed by the propaganda of Trump’s foxy news.

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