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'A Winning Issue' for 2020: Polling Shows Strong Support for Bold Climate Policies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/winning-issue-2020-polling-shows-strong-support-bold-climate-policies

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“Biden didn’t make these improvements to his climate plan on his own,”

““Voters are eager to support candidates that pledge to transform our country into a clean energy economy that will thrive for generations to come.””

So voters are eager for bullshit?

No one is going to thrive except at the expense of millions—or billions—of others. We’ve waited too long to act, still are showing no signs the rich and the right are ready to do what’s called for, and we’re in for the worst time in history. We need to get off our asses, stop thinking small in the streets, take over the government of the United States through relentless intensifying direct action, replace the corporate duopolists with progressives ready to act, and get on with it.

Declare an emergency.

Biden is thinking $2 trillion? More likely at least 6 or 7 for the power sector alone. His plan is only bold compared to the Republicans’ plan to commit to babysitting every other Thursday unless something else comes up.

Nationalize the fossil fuel, agrochemical, ICEV, slow-moving utilities, banking industry, railways, airlines, and whatever else is necessary, to shut them down and replace them with sustainable forms.

Electrify everything except what can be clothesline paradoxed.

Transform the transportation system; replace most private ICEVs with renewably electrified mass public transit. Quickly build a national/international

Renewablize the grid in the next 6 years and then keep expanding it to cover primary energy.

Ignore the need for rich people to profit from every single action, so we can deploy ecological methods that already exist in the steel, concrete and other industries.

Transform chemical industrial meat-centered annual commodities-based agriculture to small-scale low-meat perennials-based organic permaculture.

Provide whatever money and other assistance the developing world needs to do all the same things.

Do all the things it will take to reverse deforestation in the world—monetary aid, technical assistance, radical equalization worldwide… This may be the hardest and most complicated and most-resisted thing of all.

10% of the US population moved for war work in WWII. Universal health care needs to be provided. We need an educated populace to advance to a sustainable society. It has to be provided at whatever cost people can afford.

This crisis is being caused—at least proximally—by inequality and the rich. We can’t afford millionaires or billionaires any more. Whatever method is chosen, they have to be gone by 2030.

Ultimately the climate and larger crisis is being caused by the psychological condition of civilizationized people. There will be resistance and resentment over some—hell, all—of these programs. There will have to be help for people to adjust to the changes.

There will be hundreds of millions of refugees very soon, maybe billions. There needs to be a fair, honest, compassionate binding treaty with every country in the world signing to deal with it.

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That is another reason why it is so asinine waiting so long to implement these policies. The sooner we implement them the sooner people can get accustomed to them before the shit really hits the fan.

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That’s right. Classical conditioning. Most people are ignorant, superstitious, superficial idiots. Whatever is happening at the time, they’ll attribute to whatever someone points at. And the right wing blames clean safe renewable energy for everything.