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A Winning Strategy for Joe Biden: Raise the Wage and Tax the Rich

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/winning-strategy-joe-biden-raise-wage-and-tax-rich


It all depends on whether the minimum wage applies to foreign firms and their workers who are suppose to set up businesses here, for example, new service businesses.

If it does, we may be prohibited from raising minimum wages under some trade agreements we’ve signed, because it will be framed by foreign trade partners as discriminatory and as a trade barrier. And it is. Minimum wage here is higher than the best paid hourly workers in some low wage countries make, which are the countries whose labor is likely to be most utilized.

If you were the owner of a firm that paid all your workers on dollar an hour and coming here you were supposed to pay your workers as much as nine or even fifteen dollars an hour, that would be a huge impediment to you. These countries all joined the WTO in the hope of exporting services to us, they knew they could do them for cheaper, but these wages are holding them back. They will double up, perhaps as many as six to a room, cook food communally, saving a lot of money. In order to make money to bring back home.

See ~https://www.morganlewis.com/pubs/uscis-appeals-panel-rules-on-l-1b-employment

I used the “Find” function to see if Bernie Sanders was mentioned. As per usual when Bernie’s decades-long policy positions are being misappropriated without attribution, I will not read such dishonest drivel. Next!


It’s feeling more and more, like the editors are BLATANTLY rubbing it in? LOTE and the choice was THEIR’S. Nothing, fundementally, will change. Everything’s back to NORMAL!

Whenever some rich Liberal kid’s getting Panglossian drivel like this published here, to placate stoned old hippies in one of the last readable lefty blog-aggregators left by Bezos’/ Atlantic Council/ CAP’s PropR’Not stomp-down; we’re ALL lectured what munificence woulda, shoulda, coulda been trickled-down by Yuppie & Creative Class Liberals… if ONLY we’d stepped out of DNC™ LLC’s slimy protection scheme?

~https://mobile.twitter.com/BadFaithPod/status/1347650452129779713 (get drunked-up, first?)



~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2021/01/14/wall-j14.html (After this market COLLAPSE, it’ll be too late)


“Nothing will fundamentally change” - Joe Biden … where does this eternal hope for something different spring from?

who’s going to push him left? the fraud squad? This is nonsense


It interesting that the Government of Alberta is being pressed to cut spending while raising taxes in order to address their deficit. The groups lobbying for this are not suggesting taxing the rich , they want broader based tax hikes that impact everyone.

Alberta has one of the lowest royalty rates on the oil extracted by Big Oil (in the way of that tarsands oil) in the world. Indeed it a fraction of what big oil pays to the Government of Texas in the way of Royalties yet there no talk of raising that. They still try and push the meme that “The Job Creators” need lower taxes in order to continue to invest in the Province.

As far as Biden in the US goes, I highly doubt there will be substantive increases on taxes to the wealthy. There might be a few percentage points increase (as happened with Clinton) and this will be followed up with some other cuts to taxes elsewhere so the wealthy can keep getting richer (Clinton did this by slashing Capital gains taxes). There will be talk no doubt just as in Alberta about the need to address spending and every dollar recouped from the wealthy in the form of higher income taxes will be accompanied by spending cuts . The Military as usual will be immune to spending cuts .

The rich will still get richer and the wealth gap will increase. Biden IS a Neo-liberal and just because he not Trump it does not mean he is not a neo-liberal.


Biden and the corporate Democrats never expected to win against Trump. The plan was for a credible loss, to ensure that the donor money keeps flowing. They have no intention of actually doing anything to help the country now and will ensure that in most situations, the very opposite of a winning strategy will be employed.

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TSMC, based in Taiwan announced, on the heels of record profits, that they will build a new chip factory in Arizona. Apparently Taiwan now sees the low wages and virtually non existent worker protections in the US as a draw for them, even compared to places like India. Soon there may be Taiwanese demanding to speak to someone in customer service from their own country, rather than some poorly paid Yank, reading a script, who can’t even speak Mandarin properly. But that’s what comes with outsourcing and the race to the bottom

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Most newer fabs are large operations physically, but that doesn’t mean they hire as many workers as they used to. Because they are VERY highly automated. That’s for a great many reasons. A high level of precision is required. Also, people shed skin particles that would lower their yield.

No, the good jobs of the past are never going to return in the high numbers it would take to bring back the prosperity of the past.