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A Women’s Revolt That Targets Far More Than Sexual Abuse

A Women’s Revolt That Targets Far More Than Sexual Abuse

Chris Hedges

There is a genuine uprising, and no one can find the leader to shut it down.

"The women’s revolt understands that our institutions, including those on the left, will not defend us. We must defend ourselves."

Thank you, Chris Hedges, for standing with women and the world by amplifying the mission, values, actions and voices of this uprising. This revolt must purge the revolting to return civil leadership and institutions to civility, not just so all may thrive, but now so that any may survive.


Important article. The end of patriarchy is long overdue. We should all stand with women but, gender alone is limited in its emancipation by class. A class perspective is always necessary if we are to eliminate the arrogant dominance of power and wealth.


“There is a genuine uprising, and no one can find the leader to shut it down” - thank you Chris Hedges for that; it is the only way there will be change. Dare I be hopeful?


“Hopeful” depends on a majority of the 95% of the US voters who voted in 2016 to enable a sexual predator to occupy the White House, to admit their complicity in perpetuating abuse.

Recall that during the August-October 2016 timeframe I and many other CD posters serially reminded readers that voting for Clinton would put sexual predator Bill Clinton in the White House while voting Trump would put one of Murka’s most wanted sexual predators in the White House.

Trump’s voters will never admit complicity, so it is up to Clinton’s voters to admit their’s.


Clinton faced the consequences of his behavior and was impeached. Even though this is not a direct comparison to Trump because there is a range of behavior some of which is not comparable. In the case of Trump it remains to be seen what the consequences are. I have yet to hear an apology from Trump, have you?


Once again, Chris Hedges rises to the occasion! He is a master at seeing, and revealing, the bigger picture in the context of its direct and indirect effects on our Culture. This affects everyone and everything, and he knows it. Thank you, Chris! I just knew that you would have something important to say on this issue.


I love this article! Thank you Chris Hedges! I am 70 years old and have been ranting against the Patriarchal system for at least 45 of those years! Backlash after backlash has upended every feminist movement. I’m so sick of it. I hope this time…the movement bulldozes many many power structures!


I’m a fan of Hedges, & I’d love it if this is really the beginning of a revolt.

I suspect, however, that is merely an amplification or variation on what is now a generational form of anti-politics or pseudo-politics.

Meaning the substitution of spectacle & pseudo-political trappings but with no reform. Or worse, the illusion of reform covering up the unstoppable regressive march of US politics.

Sound & fury, signifying nothing.

I expect Roy Moore to handily win election. I expect the Trump administration to carry on. Just as Clarence Thomas was not stopped by the Anita Hill hearings.

Meanwhile, I expect that the political career of Al Franken will follow that of Anthony Wiener & John Edwards.

I am not justifying sexual harassment, rape, or abuse of any kind.

My comments simply reflect my belief that we live in a media dystopia enforced & maintained by the most complex & perfect system of propaganda & pseudo reality ever created.

Sorry if I harshed anyone’s mellow.


‘Trump’s voters will never admit complicity, so it is up to Clinton’s voters to admit their’s.’

Fat chance of that bro. Democrats & mainstream liberals are, in their own way, are just as ideologically blind as their conservative brethren.

Ted Rall calls this ‘team politics.’

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I disagree, it is an accurate observation in the context it was provided. It may not meet your criteria of consequence but it is what is commonly accepted as a legal consequence. Not to digress but if you use historical presidential morality as an example there are quite a few examples where social consequences were not imposed or apologies made public. Additionally, HRC is not a sexual predator. It is an immature society that can’t make that distinction. So the impeachment was progress and we have yet to see how this turns out.

In the Preamble of the Constitution, We the people includes women and children. We are still establishing that as a goal.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”


Hopefully, it will get women some gains in the equality battle but there can never be, and never has been, equality under class systems where some equals are more equal than others. How about black power? There is no longer Jim Crow but there is now a more sophisticated Jim Crow where more blacks are now in prison than were slaves at the height of slavery in the U.S. But I suppose it’s nicer, for those not in prison, to get discriminated against more subtlely and the recent black lives matter movement has resulted in cops getting trained in ways to more carefully shoot down blacks.

There will never be equality under any class system. Only socialism proposes a classless society of equals where private property is mostly limited to personal property that does not produce income and the means of production are owned by all of society and is controlled by the workers.

With the destruction of unions and the outsourcing of industry, the U.S. produces nothing but financial instruments and weapons as the world’s armorer. The average person in the U.S. today is continuing to be slowly stripped of rights not to mention employment. Equality cannot be gained, except in superficial ways, in the present rentier, plutocratic, society of the U.S. Military Empire.

As was shown by the recent passage of the tax cut for the wealthy and the corporations that will continue to drain wealth upward(trickle up economics) the U.S. is firmly under the control of the owners and their one party, with two conservative wings, rule.

Only the replacement of capitalism with socialism will bring any meaningful change for the 99%.


I second that big time. I hope that the court does not get bought off.

Hedges is pushing the envelope here. It’s very hard to see this MSM feeding frenzy as a “widespread popular revolt” against the “corporate power structure.”

I only wish it was.


HRC enabled & abetted Bill the Sexual Predator. She slut-shamed Monica during the height to the Lewinksi scandal, just as she slut-shamed or tried to buy off other victims of Bill. (In some ways, the enabling & abetting is worse than the original crime.)

Hillary is a textbook example of a pseudo-feminist. When she voted to invade Iraq & when she engineered the destruction of Libya, did she spend a nanosecond contemplating how the lives of millions of women would be ruined by these actions? Did she pause for a micro-second to consider the fact that rape is a daily fact of life for women in war zones?

Was it ‘feminist’ for her campaign to engage in dog-whistle racism against Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries?

How was it that a so-called feminist waited until 2013 to finally drop her opposition to same-sex marriage?

Democrats & mainstream liberals have never confronted any of these facts regarding Hillary & based on the history, they never will.


The quote in the final paragraph is a reach. Americans may well decide, as they should, to reset the rules regarding acceptable behavior in the workplace but don’t kid yourself. Lots of women are very comfortable with the trappings of power. Mika Brzezinski knows her value and wants to squeeze every penny from it. I don’t see a serious, imminent revolt against the might is right ethos that governs economic activity and with it, effective political power (see current tax proposal for details). Mika and Oprah, to cite two popular examples, seem to thoroughly enjoy their fortune and fame. The walls aren’t coming down. Truer to say they may be redecorated.


Actually, I think we know way more about the Clinton’s sex life than is prudent in any society. There is Hillery the wife that is under no obligation to support the woman that had consensual sex with her husband. Then there is Hillary the politician that is responsible for her political decisions. I don’t like Hillary, I wouldn’t vote for her but I can still look at the bigger picture.

I am a woman and would suggest that you shouldn’t leave poor men of colour out of your last phrase. They fill the prisons for no reason other than their colour. They get shot for the same non-reason. The class war does not distinguish gender. Let’s not pretend that it does.


Another surname Lakeman, Mark Lakeman, proposed an ideal homelessness solution.
It was rejected by the powers that be. Institutionalized homeless care, bureaucracy enabled ineptitude, societally accepted, media transcripted and broadcast news we all supposedly need to hear, that is, fluff and dander, rabble rousing political strife. Another end to an era, programmed like Animal Farm pig dogs taking charge and complimenting themselves. Dogs of war released. Pigs feasting on carcasses.

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true, but that’s why we need to engage as leftists on the issue and make certain that our poorer sisters who aren’t celebrities yet have to endure this kind of assault everyday are represented, supported, and defended by our very best.

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