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A Word I Shouldn't Use


A Word I Shouldn't Use

César Chelala

Growing up in Argentina, I had an English teacher named Sarah, a kind and knowledgeable woman.


When Daffy Duck says “you’re despicable”, it’s hilarious. This ain’t that. There is no humor in the blood money doled out by the NRA (or Big Pharma, Energy, …). Human lives are being sacrificed on the altar of the Almighty Dollar. We live in a savage society. I hope these young people’s voices, along with those of us their elders that join can bend back this sick trend of private money in politics. It really is a matter of life and death and should be treated as such. Keep resisting young people–the nation and the world depend upon you!


I liken the discussion of the NRA’s tactics with discussions of tactics on the left.

The NRA, representing a minority of voters, never budges from its position. Guns are never the problem, more guns are always the answer: On those beliefs, there is no compromise, and they always get their way.

Meanwhile, those of us on left, also representing a minority of voters (but substantially more than the NRA), are called purity trolls, unicorn-chasers, and whiners when we stand firm on our positions. Our views are always the problem, we can always be blamed for the D Party’s losses: For us, there is only compromise that always leaves us out.

Now which side, the one that never compromises or the one that always compromises, is winning?


I suggest the side that is winning has the big bucks behind it, as God intended.


Unfortunately, it is brilliant strategy by a non-profit corporation with many of the same Constitutional rights that we American humans possess. These youngsters just hit the wall of corporate rule in yet another case of our elected representatives not representing the vast majority of Americans. I hope with every fiber of my being that these young people do not back down. I stand beside them, and I thank my lucky stars my own children are out of school and out of harm’s way (at least to the extent they are a lot less likely to get shot).


The problem is worse than Cesar’s reporting. "The GOP-controlled Florida House on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly against a motion to even consider legislation that would “ban assault rifles and large capacity magazines”. This was done as students from the high school where 17 people were killed by an assault rifle wielding gunman. The legislators might as well have hoisted their collective middle fingers on both hands towards the students observing in the gallery.
Such calloused contempt is shocking.


Apparently the people with Guns in Florida need those AR-15s and high capacity magazines to shoot Prairie dogs for sport. Now if one pointed out there not that great a population of Prarie dogs in Florida in any case, I am sure the Gun Cult would respond “see its working”.


The paragraph above says so very much about the USA today. Unless and until this changes, precious little else can or will change in a more positive direction.


I don’t think it is JUST the almighty dollar. I think the miscreants that are mislabeled as “conservatives” today are in fact radical psychopaths who take pleasure in the suffering of others. How else to explain their obsession with torture, which has been shown to elicit little if any information of actual use to the torturers (indirectly, to “us”)?


Unfortunately, it is just as likely to happen in a movie theater(Aurora), a nightclub(Orlando), at a concert(Las Vegas) or at a church(Sutherland Springs). Or _____________ (fill in the blank).


Yes, I agree. Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be an American, but these people do not represent what ought to be the best of what being an American is. Are Americans just greedy, selfish, ignorant, violent, bigots who think they are better than everyone else and allow themselves and their government to do horrible things to everyone else as long as it’s not being done to them?

Or are we enlightened people, working to make a better world for liberty and justice for all? When I was a child I wanted to be Superman, the guy from outer space that stood up for " truth, justice and the American way." I used to think that my country was great, that we cared about truth and justice and doing what was right. I also used to be proud to be a Christian, because I loved Jesus Christ and His love for everyone and His encouragement to all of us to love everyone also, care for the poor, the sick, God’s creation, truth, justice, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and welcome the stranger and the refugee, to preach the true Gospel, and bury the dead and mourn with the mourners and have compassion. I thought that everyone felt that way in America.

But as I got older, I realized that many Americans didn’t feel that way. Too many people thought and still think that It is OK to poison, rob, and even kill other people for profit, even if those things were somewhat hidden from view, I began to see it more and more. And as I have seen more and more it keeps getting worse and worse. About half of the American people today think that what Trump and the Republican Party members are doing is great, just because they got some money back in their paychecks, and even if it means cuts to assistance to disadvantaged and helpless people in our country, and even if it means higher health insurance premiums and severe cuts in Social Security and Medicare for themselves. They don’t care about the elderly, poor children, or the environment at all. They are pig headed and selfish and ignorant and want to stay that way and resent anyone trying to enlighten them. Today, I see that they love guns, even assault rifles, so much that they could care less what it is doing to America’s school children, even their own children! They are full of greed and lies and hate of every kind, homophobia, misogyny, racism, and hatred for anyone who does not believe in their perverted version of Christianity. They can’t see themselves clearly. They think that they are all God fearing red blooded American patriots and if you don’t agree with them, then you are a traitorous evil satanic devil worshipper! It boggles my mind!

So what can I do? I’m not sure that I want to live in a country where half of the people believe and act this way. It makes me ashamed. They think that people who live in Afghanistan are all evil terrorists and deserve to be killed, but they have no idea of what they are talking about or how lucky and privaledged they are in comparison with the second poorest people on earth who have suffered modern warfare for eighteen years with basically no hospitals or rehab facilities. If they really are terrorists, perhaps if we didn’t kill all their family members all the time and tried to help them instead of hurting them they would be less inclined to want to kill us. Wasn’t this what Jesus was trying to teach us in the Gospel? Americans are just too greedy and materialistic to see the spiritual side of life at all. They even think that caring people are just sick fools and patsies who don’t deserve any respect. What would they really think of Christ if they ever met Him?

So sometimes I just want to leave and go somewhere where people are more human and where there is land that has not been poisoned in wanton destruction for short term greed. There are other countries where people are more loving and friendly and caring than these ugly Americans. They are ugly, because they are ugly on the inside, not the outside. Americans are all about appearances. I don’t care very much about the outer being, it is the inner being that really matters, but too many Americans care nothing for the inner being at all.

Other times, I want to stay and fight. I want to fight those that are making a perversion and a mockery out of the Christian religion and shore up a much truer version based on only the words of the real Gospel, not the phony Prosperity Gospel. I want to create a body of Christ without a church building that is based only on spirituality, not the materialistic trappings of religion that is expensive and limits the good we could be doing. I want to stay and fight them because this is my country too. I don’t want to see America be totally turned into a toxic waste dump where all the animals and forests are gone and all the water polluted. My ancestors came over on the Mayflower, so I belong here as much as any white person does. It’s just that living among so many pig headed, heartless, greedy, selfish, misguided and wrong headed Americans make me so sad, so angry, and so ashamed!


In addition, I think quite a number of them have so deeply closeted their gender identity, that they are just plain miserable. You know what they say about misery loving company; these guys roll out the welcome mat for it and then wallow in it as if misery is a good thing.

It gets worse with age, too. As the weight of denying one’s own identity becomes harder to bear, so does their rhetoric and policy.