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A World Designed by Playground Bullies


A World Designed by Playground Bullies

Robert C. Koehler

As the week’s news slaps against my consciousness like road slush, some fragments sting more than others. For instance:

“According to the DOJ’s court filing, parents who are not currently in the U.S. may not be eligible for reunification with their children.”

I can’t quite move on with my life after reading a sentence like this. A gouge of incredulity lingers. How is such a cruelly stupid rule possible? What kind of long-term ramification will it have on the entirety of the human race?


excellent post, mr. koehler! i like that robert tied our refugee crises at the southern border and the ongoing tragedy in yeman along with the empire’s wars around the globe into one neatly wrapped package.

this earth, our only home in the universe, can no longer support the war games! what’s happening is pure insanity! not sure who said it, but i like this quote: “War never decides who’s right, only who’s left,” and if this doesn’t stop no living being may be left.


The culture of bullying permeates everything. School, work, mass media, social media.

And Koehler is right to point out that “the problem” long predates Trump. “The problem” won’t go away when Trump does. And in seeking “the answer,” 24-7 Trump reporting serves as a huge distraction.

EDIT: Just happened to come across this nugget, mere moments after i wrote the above:

“The claim that all that is wrong with America is due to the malignant machinations of Putin is the most blatantly false, potentially disastrous bucket of bullshit ever inflicted by the matrix on this ignorant, credulous, propagandized people.”


For each child lost to this Trumpian cruelty, potential anger will grow, perhaps seeking a future retribution for mothers and children ripped apart, lives kidnapped and tossed away forever in a twilight zone version of a fubar’d bureaucratic-like Guantanamo in the land of the “free”.


so what if these kids are adopted into good households here in the u.s. they still have memories and may grow up to be what we don’t want here. trump is a stupid bully buffoon and needs to resign. they keep trying to desensitize the american people and damn it all, it seems to be working. people need to wake up and fight back.


Interesting read


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“The claim, All that is wrong with America is due to malignant machinations of Putin is blatantly false, potentially disastrous BS inflicted upon an ignorant, credulous, propagandized people.” (paraphrased to reveal stupidity) You tell me, what the hell?


I’m not sure, as that goes back a long way, but I believe it was either Montgomery, or Eisenhower at the end of the European phase of the war.
*Russia could certainly agree with that. They lost over twenty million soldiers and civilians.


This president is indeed a cowardly schoolyard bully. He talks “destruction unlike the world has ever seen” at North Korea and now he does the same bad movie threat making dialogue at Iran. But as to Russia, the only one of those countries in his same weight division (well, except maybe China who he foolishly likes to provoke now and then) he is so obsequious to Putin and pals that everybody even those on his team were embarrassed and scrambled around trying with minimal effectiveness to spin how he acted into a false positive. Iran is not buying it and he may go into a real war to, in normal bully fashion, when he gets pushed to where think he has to “back it up” and use those powers unfortunately vested him thing. He is the world of international relations into a Junior High (or middle school) lunch hour on the quad.


Excellent analysis by Robert, as usual, that rings clearly true to anyone paying the least attention.

The trump regime and its resident bully are symptomatic of the scene Koehler accurately lays-out, and trump is a malignant force affecting the entire world in his mental illness and corrupt world view. He is the very ugly pimple on the face of humanity that must be lanced, but he is not the underlying evil per se.

The moral evil that characterizes our “economy” and financial system of greed & usury, an ignorant truthfully-uninformed society - shallow, indifferent, consumed by fluff and mindless diversion - our politicians (with a few rare exceptions thankfully) corrupt and complicit to the worst abuses, inequality, racism, bigotry, and self-interest, political party hacks and hired propagandists dominating the narrative, a vanished Fourth Estate as the lynch-pin of a truthfully and fully informed population, the MICC war-machine with its strangle-hold on American civilian society, profiting from war and death, just as Eisenhower warned against, environmental neglect, pollution and destruction, species extinctions rampant, and much, much, more.

All combine to create and maintain the moral cesspool “playground” of rot, lies, and depravity Robert writes of!

No nation can survive in such a climate of overt lies & deception, falsely/cunningly sold as “the other side of the story”/“alternative facts”, rule by unaccountable shadow forces (the “deep-state”), overt corporate fascism, the ancient rule of law to protect the people vanished, and the de facto transfer of power from civilian governance to military domination of policy and obscene diversion of resources from critical civilian needs. What thinking, moral person could not be overwhelmed and incensed?

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention! Make America care again!


Thomas Jefferson said (and this was during a time when he was really being pilloried by the press), “If I had to choose between government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I would unhesitatingly choose the latter.”
*And now, it seems, we have neither.


What about the money taxpayers are forced to spend fixing Donald Trump’s ill considered policies? How much have we paid out for the Muslim Ban that sent air travel into a tail spin. And what about $12 billion to make up for the Trade War? And we are still paying millions of dollars to put people in hard core prison whose only crime was seeking asylum from almost certain death in their home countries. And how much is it costing us to put infants and children in cages and subject them to physical and emotional torture? Do we need to talk about paying for our part-time President to take weekends off at his own resorts and to bounce around the country campaign for his own and other Republicans’ election?

But, alas, we don’t have enough in the piggy bank to feed hungry American children or guarantee them basic health care so they can grown up healthy and not be a drain on our economy!


A World designed by All the People:


Koehler sidelines Trump/Russia as if it was just another DC sideshow when, in fact, it is a major scandal far greater than Watergate with massive international implications. Yes, the corporate media is myopic and self-serving and the suffering of untold numbers of people are overlooked, but treason and the ongoing destruction of democracy and government on the part of the White House and Congress is an historic crisis worthy of the media’s daily attention and the concern of all U.S. citizens.