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A World of Violence


A World of Violence

Eduardo Galeano

[The following passages are excerpted from Eduardo Galeano’s book Children of the Days: A Calendar of Human History, just out in paperback (Nation Books).]

The Shoe
(January 15)

In 1919 Rosa Luxemburg, the revolutionary, was murdered in Berlin.

Her killers bludgeoned her with rifle blows and tossed her into the waters of a canal.


Very few articles bring tears to my eyes but this one does.

Whatever experiences I may have had with various women in my lifetime, I have never feared them.

I wonder why so many men do.

The subordination and oppression of women is the true root of all evil.



I love reading Eduardo Galeano. They way he relates history as that of real humans and the efforts of the struggle to gain dignity and end oppression on so many fronts in so many locations, including FIFA too.


There is a sort of poetic justice in the cruel irony of men fearing women.
No different from the personification of an ideology through the false myths of advertising, the ancient Babylonian god-notion Marduk served to control freedom of thought about reality through demonizing the feminine in the personification of Tiamat as dreadful sea monster, in order to make human beings carry the weight so the ‘gods’ could live in leisure. Sound familiar?
Only thing is, to do so is little more than imposing denial as social mandate by violence. Everything that is denied still remains - except to the mind in denial. Got roots for paranoia a little?


Many of the old Greek myths also served to demonize women. The myth of the Medusa as example was allegory for Mans fear of Nature and the feminime in Nature wherein the Ethos was advanced that unless man CONTROLLED nature (usually through violence) it would bring forth Monsters that would devour men. The snake head Medusa was representative of the roots of a tree suggesting man must destroy and control nature herself in order to survive.

We can see with Global warming and environmental destruction where that war on nature (and the feminime) has led.


“… it would bring forth Monsters that would devour men.”
So true, and from the inside,and its then projected to the outside, then forces it to be made a delusional form of ‘inside’, ad infinitum - all in perversion of the natural integrative that, deny as one might, will inevitably, inexorably continue to function.
Unfortunately that function has exponential dimensions that intensify. To me the admonition of the Tao te Ching in ‘wu wei’- to do ‘nothing doing’ - simple hiatus, moratorium on the dysfunctional, arrest, stop, halt, is simple elegant wisdom.


“The more things change, the more they remain the same.” (Alphonse Karr)

Galeano’s eloquence is unsurpassed…he is sagacious and infinitely compassionate. Everyone should read at least one of his books…they are life-changing if taken to heart.

Reading this excerpt from his book shows just how far humankind has come and then retrenched…violence against women, each other, among/between nations persist.