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A World on Fire? July Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded


A World on Fire? July Was Hottest Month Ever Recorded

Jon Queally, staff writer

The world is burning up.

The previously available evidence for that statement is staggering and on Thursday the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the U.S. announced that July was the hottest month the planet has ever experience since records began and that both land and ocean temperatures are on pace to make 2015 the hottest year ever recorded.


“Our planet has simply never undergone the kind of stress we’re currently putting on it.”

Really?!!! Maybe not in the course of human history, but never?!!! Really?!!! Let’s use the language of rational dialogue and not dangle red meat for the right wing to attack.

The inflection in the earth’s temperature during the industrial revolution (and whatever we want to label current times) is indeed alarming. Nonlinearity is a bitch. Period. Let’s be cautious with our language as it will surely be used against the message that cause and effect have been deduced correctly.


I profess ignorance, as much of what I have seen on the matter is not in what I would call reliable sources. Which is not to say I refute it; just claim ignorance. I first considered carbon sequestration (beyond soil development) in the '90s and had problems grappling how the second law of thermodynamics could be overcome to make that feasible. As far as chemtrails go, I don’t see them where I live, but that proves nothing. Given the power of photoshop and propaganda, it’s a strange world. As much as humanity has polluted the world, it has doubled down on polluting our minds. A real pisser.


WiseOwl -
You talk as if you know but in reality you are going on a hunch and simply guessing because to you it doesn’t seem possible? While you may not be a global warming denier, your comment shows exactly the same charcteristic of non scientific guesswork as we hear from skeptics. The ‘I dunno but it doesn’t feel like it’ pseudo-scientific opinion but not one based on actual scientific analysis.

You made a statement and typically you offer NO scientific data to support your view nor do you even cite scietists or reports that might share this opinion.

The statement is based on the cumulative stress factors that are occurring all at once. In particular the astoundingly rapid rate of change which exacerbates the deleterious effects of all the other stress factors but it is not the solitary stress factor which is what I think you believe…

In other words, the Earth has never undergone anything like what it is undergoing now. Not only the unparalled rapid rate of change but also ocean acidification, catastrophic warming, ozone depletion, unparalleled amounts of pollution including billions of tons of carbon every year plus pollution by nitrous oxide, methane, CFCs, mercury, pesticides, chemical contamination by tens of thousands of chemicals, GMOs, nuclear radiation and a host of other environmentally damaging practices that range from deforestation to the introduction of invassive species.

The planet Earth has never experienced anything at all like what it is experiencing now. Never! For example There have been times when the polar ice cap has melted but the process took thousands of years. However, we are doing it in roughly thirty years once the initial tipping point was reached.

If the deniers and skeptics don’t know enough and usually don’t want to learn about the true state of things, that doesn’t excuse you bowing to their disbelief by adding your own. You should stop hurrying to be first to comment just to be first and instead do some adult level research to fact check your post before you post it. You treat commenting like it is a kid’s game but fact checking your stuff…

…would be WISER.


This does not get through Obama either. he just talks about it and then opens the Artic for drilling and allows fracking.


Your viewing of the whole totality of all the forces being exerted on this planet, is much closer to the mark, than just climate change and the rise of the earth’s temperature and oceans, etc. " It is " the death by a thousand cuts " which we must look to when explaining what is happening here. My libertarian friends and associates have a simple answer to all this, of course:" let them die. it’s the way Darwin would of wanted it and what is needed. The " to dumb to live pool " needs to be enlarged " This is not going to end well.


Here in WA, the rainforest is burning. Meanwhile, many of my friends are still driving and flying to “vacations” all over the USA and elsewhere…


i have to join with others here in disagreeing with you on this. Certainly the Earth has undergone stresses that are of a similar MAGNITUDE, but in the specifics, there are numerous legitimate reasons to assert that the present anthropogenic shock is singular and unprecedented. Primarily i would point to the speed of the atmospheric, climatic and ecological changes underway.

That said, i would accept that the assertion of “unprecedentedness” is entirely unnecessary. It should be enough to point to the clear, multi-dimensional evidence that this anthropogenic shock is causing the general breakdown of the ecological systems OF WHICH WE ARE PART, initiating ecological breakdown, mass extinction, and civilizational collapse.

And the response should be “All hands on deck!” Every person, every business, every organization, every institution, should have “holistic response to antropogenic climate and ecological shock” at the top of the agenda.


So profoundly sad. Just as warned by the peoples of Turtle Island, when they learned what rapacious practices were carried out by the European invaders. Unravel the threads, and the fabric falls apart… the fabric of existence, the fabric of life… and still, the culture of rapaciousness knows no humility…


The Arctic Ocean has been fully navigateable from the north Pacific and Bering Sea To Norway, along the Russian coast for 5 weeks, now. Looks like the Northwest Passage just opened from Baffin Island and southwestern Greenland to the northern Arctic coast of Canada’s Northwest Territory and Alaska. [http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/]


Nothng more than political rhetoric form Obama, the Clintons, and virtually every politician in office.

Obama has been “working on addressing” the issue for almost seven years now by my count.


It is madness, personified. The Oil-igarchs and other extreme capitalists all over the world are seeing the planet elapse in chaos all around them but use this as an opportunity to get at the goods, so to speak. Their only goal, their only objective, is profit. They see this world as simply a feeding ground in which they can insert their fangs and withdraw. Everything else be dammed, be it humanity, the oceans, whatever. They must truly believe that somewhere, a better alternate existence awaits them and they will be rewarded by some demented Supreme being for taking everything from this world and enriching themselves, while their fellow humans burned or drowned.


It’s time to stop talking and to start taking action. Many will be imprisoned or die in the fight to save the planet, but the one thing for sure nothing will come from the top down. The system is rigged, always has been and always will be. The EPA is a farce and petitioning your representative is a joke. Only active, civil disobedience and sabotaging of the fossil fuel industry in every way possible has any chance of changing things.


A study from the National Academy of Sciences revealed that in the contiguous US, the total potential for power generation from the wind is a stunning 84 petawatt-hours, that is 84 million gigawatt-hours. That’s 21 times the current power consumption of the entire US.
We could move entirely to wind energy over the next 20 years and slash US CO2 emissions by 39%. But the carbon industry will not allow it. Why are we not marching in the streets???


In Portland, Oregon, smoke from the fires turned the moon to ochre. Saturday and Sunday, smoke filled the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, the Willamette Valley, and all the way to Astoria. No exaggeration.


A time of great sorrow for all that we are losing and will continue to lose in the coming years. It’d be better to take to the streets now when it is yet not so dire and grim but humanity avoids facing bad news until it has no choice and then reacts with great anger that things are so bad.

One of the other effects of global warming besides an increase in civil unrest and displacement is the spectre of fascism as the wealthy grow worried that the need to share has become so obvious to everyone.

The advent of catastrophic climate change will be accompanied by the resurgence of fascism or do you think the powerful will choose to share peaceably and voluntarily?


The Danes are doing it now. They plan to get 100% of their nation’s total energy needs from wind by 2030.


Vote for Bernie and give peaceful change a chance. He wants to be a historic president (he is too old to play the future career as a paid speaker game). He wants to make his mark in history as a true reformer. I hope he gets the chance because as you allude, the time is getting short.

We could use some real intelligence in the white house. If Bernie doesn’t make it … I think america will regret a lost opportnity to have made things better while there was still a chance to accomplish much.