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A Year After Ferguson, Little Has Changed


A Year After Ferguson, Little Has Changed

Dennis Parker

It has been a year since the tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri galvanized the nation and the world. Any fears that the passage of time would relegate the issues of police abuses inflicted upon people of color and the importance of respecting the intrinsic value of Black lives to the back burner have proved unfounded.


Is an individual a “conspiracy theorist” for knowing that the Official Story pertaining to the assassination of JFK is as full of wholes as Swiss Cheese?

Certain regular protocols appear to come into play for these (and there are lots of them) planned assassinations. The best researcher on this subject is Ole Dammegarde.

Currently, there’s not just talk–but evidence–in certain “Conspiracy circles” that Jade Helm is a means of beginning to normalize the presence of military personnel and equipment in U.S. urban centers.

“Practice” drills using real persons and civilian towns COULD be a pretext for other things.

I made the point often in the past that as the wonderful film, “Cabaret” demonstrated, at first armed militias and those who lead them are NOT welcome inside culture’s main venues. However, with a little strategic use of muscle, the right persons disappeared, and support from authoritarian institutions… the presence of military (which is against Posse Comitatus) starts to gradually permeate the American scene to thereby become not just tolerated, but a new (and dangerous) norm.

The constancy of police violence–at this time primarily aimed at members of the Black community–is part of a process of gradual accommodation.

It still comes down to, “FIRST they came for.” The first target group–typically the one holding least power in a society–is hardly the chief or last target. It’s the group selected to “open the door.” Muslims, illegal “aliens,” Eco “terrorists,” and abortion doctors are on the short list. But that list may well be growing since tanks ARE coming into our communities, and FEMA camps ARE being built, and the so-called National Security laws that followed 911 left citizen protections null and void. From a legal perspective, it’s the portrait of lots of dry wood just waiting for a simple spark to ignite.

It’s not a pretty picture. I admire the Black Community’s solidarity in fighting back morally, and shining a light on all of the savage corruption. The question is, will the violence be quelled or is it being tolerated by Authority as part of a larger plan and likely massive (and planned) pogrom?


Monday, August 03, 2015

There are only two comments on this article. I am white and I am appalled. Get a grip white people! What are we indentured servants?

In the past whites could work their way out of servitude however, blacks were stuck. I guess you think this silence will save yer arses. Think again. This is not just a black folk’s issue. This is a human rights issue and we all need to be involved.

I have lost two friendships over this because my friends do not get it. One said …and I quote… “We have to wait until all of the evidence is in.”…unquote. How many people have to die before one wakes up?

How many lives have been taken where there are no cameras? Women, children, and fathers are being taken at will and white folks just watch the telly and go tsk…tsk. White privilege only lasts as long as your wallet has something in it.

As far as I can comprehend, every day I see people losing ground financially and the privileged have managed to convince some of the indentured that they will be able to buy their way out of this failing economy. Have you ever noticed how well God takes care of the rich?

Let us say the water is turn off in your community or in a nearby community how long do you think it will take before death and disease visits your doorstep? To help others is to help yourself.


We actually have laws against helping others. There are laws against providing food for the homeless in parks by private citizens. There are laws against private citizens cooking and inviting the homeless to a Thanksgiving Dinner if the kitchen is not equipped with State specified ovens, sinks, cooling systems etc. There are laws against giving out left over food from restaurants to employees. Other laws will punish people who go into dumpsters.