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A Year After Pulse, We Are More Than Survivors


A Year After Pulse, We Are More Than Survivors

Audrey Juarez

I still remember the metallic taste in my mouth when I first heard about the Pulse night club shooting. I was sitting on my couch, hung over from DC Pride, scrolling through Twitter. My whole feed was full of AP alerts tallying the body count, of articles describing the lives lost, of members of the Orlando LGBTQ community searching for their loved ones. Almost immediately after that initial wave of nausea hit me, the tears came.

And for about 24 hours, maybe more, they didn’t stop.


Until the gun madness in this country stops, no one is safe. The NRA has been escalating the fear level for about four decades now. So, guns will continue to be far to easy to get. We in the gay community would have never foreseen something like the Pulse tragedy years ago. Yet, it happened, and it’s not just us who should be afraid, obviously. The United States is in a death spiral with firearms, aided by the NRA and GOP.


“homophobic politicians”, “the gun lobby”, “the pettiness of Donald Trump”

The fact that the mass murderer Omar Mir Seddique was an Islamic extremist kinda slipped thru the cracks. It’s sad when political correctness is being taken to such extremes.


You are saying nothing. Other than giving away your stupid biases. Dime a dozen, and sickening to hear over and over and over. Put it on a tape and sell it.


What bias? 49 people were murdered by an Islamic Extremist. I just stated a fact. Bias is pushing an agenda (“homophobic politicians”, “the gun lobby”, “the pettiness of Donald Trump”) to exploit a tragedy. Actually is pretty disturbing.


You conflate “political correctness” with your statement. That says it all…