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A Year After the Women’s March, How Bad Was 2017 for Reproductive Justice?


A Year After the Women’s March, How Bad Was 2017 for Reproductive Justice?

Emily Mills
Sadly, efforts to strip away reproductive rights continue unabated.
"Planned Parenthood, the largest single provider of reproductive health care in the country, faced constant attacks." (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty)


Pence made a law that miscarriages be buried.


And we will continue to attack your faux “reproductive rights” until there is no longer a right to murder the unborn and cut them into salable parts on the organ market.

If you really want “reproductive rights,” why not start with demanding that men behave themselves until they put a ring on your finger? Why not start a grassroots campaign to shut down pornographers and those who treat women as chattel property for the amusement of horny boys? Why not insist upon teaching in schools that we are not animals and we do have the ability to control our hormonal rages?

Killing an unwanted infant is the easy way out. I challenge you to step up and do the hard stuff.


And treating a little human being with dignity is bad exactly how???



“They’ve never replaced the services of Planned Parenthood,” Gail Scott, director of health in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, said in an interview with the Guardian. Her county lost a Planned Parenthood in 2013. “I’m not pro-abortion or anything,” she added. “But I can tell you nothing ever replaced those services for uninsured people.”

There is a women’s free clinic in Jefferson, plus several other low-cost clinics in and around the town. This is balderdash, the kind of liberal lying that is taking Liberalism down. You lie and lie and lie, and people are getting wise to you guys.