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A Year Ago the U.S. Assassinated a National Leader

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/03/year-ago-us-assassinated-national-leader


Ah, yes. A little background. Which gets us started. I will very briefly add:
Let us not forget the long decades of hostilities toward Iran in various forms, from the political positioning of the old shah, to the election of Mossadegh, to the CIA coup which ousted Mossadegh followed by the then young new shah and his US-trained secret police arrests, torture, murder to the eventual revolution and embassy takeover, the cynical exploitation of that by Reagan tied to the US terror of the Contras in Central America, to the total lack of any explanation by the greatly revered Ted Koppel who was our main source of nightly information on the embassy, the TV watch which led to the formal creation of “Nightline” and still, after years, no explanation by almost all greatly trusted media of what, and, in particular, who, caused that revolution. Us, as in US.
Just one long run-on sentence.


You know that Trump and Pompeo want to get Iran badly. They have been vexed by the patience of the Persians. China and Russia also seem to be siding with the Iranians. The big fat little men have shown their mettle and it ain’t much. Seventeen days left–What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been.


Wouldn’t it be so much better if all countries adopted assassination as opposed to war? Let the leaders kill one another rather than requiring everyone else to die for their benefit.

Imagine how much more cautious leaders would be if they had to worry about being killed themselves as opposed to sending others to die for their benefit.


Hi Mr. Pillar;
Wlle, you sort of apologized for working for such a murderous nation—but OMG, America was attacking Iran when Eisenhower was president. And too, Iran ( Persia) was the first super power and I think netanyahu and friends can’t handle that. In fact it seems like so many of the spies lie—a lot!
It’s very hard to read American history when you read about "Remember the Maine, " and how we got into Vietnam…another lie, and even though Chavez improved Venezuela— -----although America keeps trying to get all their oil and finding that the UK refusing to give Venezula’s money back from the thieving banks in the UK… What crap so many of these national leaders are. If there are naturali resources…America , the UK and others are there to strip them from the ground. .
It is much easier to be horrified about America than to think it’s the greatest nation ever on the planet! WHERE ARE THE AMERICANS IN GOVERNMENT OR IN THE MILITARY WHO ARE ABLE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH? It seems like the only one was General Smedley Butler-----and he died way too young. : (
I am gad you wrote what you wrote, but when can you and others truly tell the truth----? : (


“The most often recited U.S. accusation against Soleimani is that he had American blood on his hands by virtue of his relationship with Iraqi elements that fought against U.S. forces during the occupation of Iraq after the U.S. invasion of that country in 2003. Of course Americans should mourn and honor their fallen countrymen, and recognize as wartime enemies those who have inflicted casualties among them, even in a military expedition as misguided as the 2003 Iraq War.”

As has now become unfailingly common here, a sheepdog article is presented to the masses as virtuous, soul searching scholarship. That it is penned by a revolving door-type suggests that either CIA pension plans leave a bit to be desired or, otherwise, that it is a Manufactured Consent piece designed to wean Harris shills off the “rapprochement with Iran fairytale” that they have been lulling themselves to sleep with since November.

Especially charming is the use of “misguided” here as a euphemism for AIPAC-directed.

The rot is deep. The rest is theatre.

We have an assassin’s college

Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation(WHINSEC), Fort Benning, Georgia.
Aka. School of the Americas.

“The U.S. Army School of the Americas is a school that has run more dictators than any other school in the history of the world.”

— Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II

School of the Amercas Watch

This one we know about, how many others are hidden?


Recalling Eisenhower’s first POTUS action 68 years ago this month (mentioned in dreamdancer’s post) authorizing the CIA to overthrow Mossedeq in Iran (after Truman twice refused to authorize) launched serial US backed political displacements (most of them assassinations) abroad that continue.

Ever since he installed Pinochet in Chile in 1973, Nixon’s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been an “advisor” to every POTUS from Reagan to the Mar-a-Lago monster.

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Cogent and well written post. Enjoyed it…thanks, Dream dancer.

That would be the real power and that is who controls the money and that ain’t Biden.

I hope Iran continues to ignore the acts and threats of an imperial nation. What would the US have done if Iran had assassinated a military general from one of our branches of the service?

Hi Apache;
Sadly America has more evil going on in the world than the evil combined in all the many headed hydra’s heads! : (

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I think you’re referring not to private banks but to the Bank of England, Britain’s central bank,
which used to be considered a safe repository for gold owned by governments around the world,
saving them from having to physically move it to settle commercial transactons.

But undoubtedly under orders from Pompouseo-Abrams et al. and the Conservative government
of Britain, the bank – under a Canadian governor – refused the Venezuelan government’s request
to use the gold it owned to finance food and medicine for Venezuelans, suffering under cruel
and illegal sanctions by the U.S., Canada and a rogue’s passel of other right-wing governments.

Even after losing a recent court ruling, Boris Johnson’s government has to refused to release the gold
– to the IMF, no less, as a neutral party – to buy humanitarian supplies for Venezuelans.

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Hi EMcommon:
Oh thank you for the correction—that makes the UK even more evil acting.
Venezuela ----the land that both the USA and the UK abuse. The people of Venezuela need food, and medicine-----but as it appears that they won’t say “UNCLE,” to Uncle Sam… they will be punished by the USA and the UK. Both of those nations which seem to be disappearing under the waves of the climate disaster that both nations contributed to. : (

Hi WWSmith:
Happy Anniversary Jan 6, 2017. : )

Hi stardustIBID,

Yes, unfortunately - but there is enough blame to go around, though, inclusive of:

  1. American corporate greed;
  2. American individual greed;
  3. Tel Aviv / Zionists / AIPAC or whatever the hell we’re permitted to safely refer to them as lest we be conveniently labelled anti-Semitic; you’d be amazed at the mental gymnastics that some indulge in to paint any criticism of Israel as … wait for it … racist, these the same people who treat the Palestinians as … oh, never mind;
  4. Cousin Brandon who wants to follow in the “proud” memory of gramps and enter NROTC to “serve our country;”
  5. Pole-dancer Brandy who wants to “get her life straightened out” and enlist in the army to access the GI Bill to cover the expenses for that all so important associate degree in Gender Studies, whatever the hell that means in the real world;
  6. Those of us who attend church service every Sunday and nod approvingly whenever Pastor Jerry says “Eye-ran bad;”
  7. Those of us who wander around mindlessly, swilling our buck-fifty lattes, never - ever - contemplating how the hell we are so privileged so as to live our relatively (to the rest of the world) lavish lifestyles when only around 6% of our entire population of over three hundred million contribute meaningfully - that is, via actual, internationally recognizable work-product - to our legitimate economy;
  8. The spineless leeches who “invite” the US to help them establish “democracy” over their nations, who are the worst of the lot mentioned here.

Take care,

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