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A Year of Resistance—and Why I’m Hopeful for 2018


A Year of Resistance—and Why I’m Hopeful for 2018

Rachel Cleetus

Through a chaotic year, it’s been inspiring to see a resistance movement gather strength and show its muscle.


We need to be extra aware because trade agreements like the WTO GATS agreement lock in many aspects of the GOP’s (either party’s) deregulation forever. I am not kidding.

Thats called “progressive liberalization” and its a good reason to fight to get the democracy we have not had since 1994 back.

The totally undemocratic GATS is proof that both parties are now rigged for the 1%. Both parties are now lying through their teeth to keep the WTO regime that blocks the whole progressive agenda in place through dishonesty. It will cost us trillions of dollars to rid ourselves of it in critical areas like health care, education, and IT, and it will steal millions of jobs, trading them away. Its amazing they have managed to gut the whole new deal with WTO without the country realizing it. Complicit media are a big part of this process. But its a crime against humanity with no statute of limitations, so some day those responsible will be brought to justice for their vast medical experiment on innocent uninformed subjects. In GATS’ 22 years of keeping us in health care limbo, around a million Americans have died from being denied health care who would have lived in France or Australia. This can be shown statistically. This is the truth, what we read in the news is fiction now.

Here is how it started.





I knit several pink pussy hats, by hand, for friends and acquaintances, and attended the women’s march here in Boston, on the Common, last January. It was cool.


Here’s what has happened at the end of your “Year of Resistance”:

  1. The travel ban stands approved. Yes, it will be further reviewed, but the SCOTUS recognizes the President’s authority WRT immigration policy.

  2. Tax cuts are real, and the markets are booming. Markets are up 35% on the year. Everyone with an IRA or 401k plan is rejoicing. Dozens of companies have announced across-the-board bonuses and pay increases along with plans for capital expansion.

  3. Economic growth near 4% for the first time in a decade.

  4. The Keystone pipeline is carrying oil to market.

  5. ANWR is open for oil exploration.

  6. Several national monuments created or expanded to seize control of oil or mineral extraction have been eliminated or reduced in size.

  7. “Net Neutrality” regulations have been eliminated, freeing internet companies to innovate.

  8. Over a dozen Federal judiciary posts have been confirmed, in addition to Justice Gorsuch taking his seat on the SCOTUS.

  9. Illegal immigration is down, despite the wall not yet being built.

  10. ISIS is in tatters and has lost all held territory.

Maybe we should ask you to keep resisting. It seems like the more you “resist” the more good things happen for this country.


Evidently you haven’t kept up with the polls that measure what Americans, and by that I mean more than a select few, want. No one is resisting good things for the country, Clean air, plentiful uncontaminated water *the source of all life) safe homes, decent jobs etc. I notice you didn’t mention any of those things, no doubt for good reason. And the Internet is a public utility that will see less innovation not more.

Immigration is a for profit industry now which is not an improvement and does nothing to benefit the country. All. most all of these policies are punitive on some level and will increase the debt. Economic conditions have not changed or expanded. The increases are the result of looting our treasury and future generations and manipulation of markets and market fraud.

Do you understand what happens when you give things to people that don’t want them?


It will either improve sonehow or will get way worse in ‘18 — The Now cannot hold. The current upsurge of profit taking is leading the elite into the temptation of believing that they finally have things permanently going their way.

Very few people are aware what a Ponzi-scheme juggle the whole global banking-currenies speculation-investments system is. It reminds me of those juggler acts where they set plates spinning on top of sticks with the juggler having to run crazily from stick to stick to keep them spinning just before they loose centrifugal force and crash.

Like this kind of act the financial news is a show put on with The Big We as the audience, but it’s a high risk show where if any of the plates do fall, they have the potential to, mixing metaphors madly, pop the whole big global balloon.

If that happens probably but not certainly during this rapidly approaching new year, those who have been believing that they “had it made” will be shocked to learn that what they thought they were made of had suddenly turned into next to nothing and had no more strong solidity to support them, us, the commercial consumer life support system that supplies and distributes our shelter, food, and sure cures, or much of anything but murderers madness.

Then The Big We will confront the full meaning of what “Game Change” and “Survival Skills” can mean.


Economic conditions haven’t changed or expanded!?! What rock are you living under? Throughout the Obama administration, we were told that 1.5% growth was the “new normal”. Every month we fell further behind in job creation until we had nearly 98 million people that had given up even looking for a job. The impact of the Trump administration policies, from regulatory reform to tax reform, has been steadily increasing economic growth. The fourth quarter 2017 numbers are knocking at the door of 4%! Market expansion and repatriation of cash reserves provide the capital for another wave of expansion, and dozens of major firms have announced plans to do so. Once we get a few more of the 98 million back to work, wages will be on the rise again as well.

A lot has changed, and it is all good. Unless what you want is a population permanently dependent on government handouts. Then it’s not looking so good.


You are really lucky I’m busy today or I would give you a much wider perspective about your insulting remarks. Do you mean the type of government handouts like the Whitefish contract for Puerto Rico. When you put the thousands of homeless and foreclosed (millions) back in homes you might have something. Prisons and detention centers don’t count. It is our money, we collectively pay for a system that does not cost the government money. I wish I could say the same for the BILLIONS of dollars of our money that we used to BAIL out banks, fund illegal wars and give stock bonuses.