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A Year Without a President


A Year Without a President

Robert Reich

That millions are already mobilizing and organizing is the one good thing that’s happened since Election Day last year – the silver lining on the dark Trump cloud.


But Tweetle-Dumb IS making policy – “personnel is policy” – and he’s filling positions with terrible personnel deliberately selected to destroy nearly all of our Federal agencies.  He doesn’t need to abolish O’BummerCare or pass his Tax Cuts for Billionaires to succeed in the core mission of his Tea-Party supporters – to destroy our Federal Government and what little is left of “our” democracy.  Even if he is impeached tomorrow – and Pence along with him – it will take years to repair the damage he has already done, and it will take decades to restore America’s position in the world (not that this would necessarily be an entirely good thing).


The point is Mr. Reich, Trump IS governing, and in fact is governing along the same trajectory you and Bill started on some decades ago, that being a trajectory of neoliberal economic policies.

Mr. Reich (not that you are actually reading this) you have way more in common with Trump, Ryan, and the rest of the overtly corrupt in service to the super wealthy and mega corporations than you would have your readers believe.

You, along with other “progressives” of your ilk e.g., so called “centrists”, and corporate state Democrats have systematically paved the way for the emergence of this blatantly corrupt Trump Administration in concert with the prick Ryan and his cohorts.

What was it you said Mr. Reich? Anything notable?


“Decency”, “Common Good”, Bob, will you be my neighbor? Please!


Of course Trump isn’t governing.

No recent US president has governed when it comes to matters that the oligarchy considers to be very important.

The president is then only a spokesman for the decisions made by his ‘advisors’ (read overseers).


I don’t agree with your assessment of Reich. I think there are plenty of corporate, centrist Democrats (Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, and on and on) and some right wing nut democrats (Manchin, Heitkamp, and a few others). But there is a range of left of center progressive democrats and Reich is one of them. He is for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, and backed Bernie in the primary. Yes he was with Clinton during the welfare reform period, but opposed this move (wasn’t willing to resign over it though). If he ran against Feinstein, I’d support him.