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Aaack! New Analysis Shows Superbugs Lurking on Three-Fourths of U.S. Supermarket Meat


Aaack! New Analysis Shows Superbugs Lurking on Three-Fourths of U.S. Supermarket Meat

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new analysis offers alarming findings as many Americans get ready to fire up their grills for the 4th of July—nearly 80 percent of supermarket meat was found to have antibiotic-resistant bacteria, also known as superbugs.


There is just seemingly nothing that market forces won’t exploit to the point of the detriment of life. The precautionary principle remains an academic exercise relegated to economic dustbin along with morality.


Fixing the problem will require something other than feral stink monkeys throwing their crap in charge.

Remove the circus act from DC and start over.


Not to worry the head of the FDA used to work for Monsanto and is trained as a lawyer.https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Michael_R,_Taylor&oldid=845932646

The only safe food is from small respected farmers.


I don’t eat fish or shellfish anymore because pollutants in the water are highly concentrated in the meat. Factory farmed chicken and hogs are maintained under unsanitary conditions, and the animals are injected from birth with antibiotics and steroids, so I don’t eat poultry or pork either. Eggs are factory farmed under the most horrific conditions possible, so no eggs for me. My favorite co-op store carries beef they ensure me is local, grass-fed and drug-free, so I’m not 100% vegetarian yet.


No mention of prions which can’t be destroyed by the heat of grilling.


There is a new invention.

it’s called cooking your food.

What people should worry about are the fossil fuels needed to grow this stuff.


Cooking your food is not the answer. Our behavior has consequences.

Sorry about the bug picture. this is not about mosquitos.


Look they want $10+ a pound for farmed fish with no country of origin label. Can you imagine what they feed those fish? Fish from the oceans, no thanks. In fact no thanks to all meat products. Spam? You’ve got to be kidding me.


Where R U buying your fish? I can purchase line caught Alaskan Cod ( flash frozen ) for $7.00 a lb. Sometimes there are even better deals.
Ling Cod was offered 2 weekends ago for $8.50 lb. but I took the Haddock for $5.80, instead. Combined with fresh veggies, good bread, strawberry dessert and a glass of wine-- Wow.
Do I eat like this every day? Ah, that’s a no but I had a haddock omelette and a. great salad w/ haddock, etc. last week, as well.
And, I try to buy from farmer’s mkts, etc.
Bon Appetit.


Farmed fish are also genetically modified as well and given antibiotic because they live in filthy conditions.


“Let them eat tube steak.” --FDA


One great permanent solution to this is – GO VEGAN

Elsewhere I posted an old saying:

“We are all the native American Indian”

but maybe we are all even more than that – spiritually connected to animal-life on this planet.


I agree with every reason above to avoid meat. But regarding the modern supermarket, aint nothing there much that’s fresh anymore. And that institution pretty much killed fresh food outlets elsewhere.
Patronize farm stands. In China, I know all food has some kind of issue. Still, every neighborhood devotes a large public space for fresh killed meat, and fresh veggies with unpackaged produce, eggs. Fruit and spices can be sold in the street fresh and not plasticized. I rarely eat pork, but I know it is fresh here killed that day. Poultry also. Comes to the market live. I only shop this way.
Of course all this is exposed to the air…


Capitalist meat factories and the supermarket system itself cannot exist without anti-life practices. Corporate profit seeking has no morals, only the bottom line counts.


The new normal, who do you thank. It is a slippery slope when you first begin to allow inferior foods to be marketed.


We all have to eat.
We have some choice and can expand our consciousness.
Do YOU have the courage to see and witness
The Australian film “Dominion”?


New Rule From the Regime:

The Leader likes his meat well done. So should you.





I could continue - but I’m betting your can connect the dots