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'ABC and the DNC Should Be Ashamed,' Say Progressives, After Just One Question on Climate Crisis During Democratic Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/13/abc-and-dnc-should-be-ashamed-say-progressives-after-just-one-question-climate


ABC (owned by the largest media conglomerate in the world) sold ad time to a wacko Cambodian so she could assail socialism (even though someone needs to explain to her that PolPot was not a socialist, as he was an American lackey) and of course to big Pharma so they could bash socialism and belittle any attempt at single payer.
The DNC got what it wanted tonite. Very little mention of global warming and only passing references to our healthcare crisis, and no mention of Fascism.
Remember those old joke cartoons depicting Mickey Mouse in an SS uniform (making light of Walt Disney’s Nazi sympathies)? Well, they were on full display last nite. ABC/America, Uber allies!


Even more ironic Communist Vietnam were the ones who finally rescued Cambodia FROM the US covertly supported Khmer Rouge … Wow. You cannot make this sh** up… and people are so ignorant they have no idea…


Ok this is not climate related but so far it’s the only piece posted thus far on the debate so…
Re Sanders and Biden on Medicare For All. Biden apparently has no grasp of what MFA is or would mean. He made a bone headed zinger remark about Sanders having faith companies would give money back to their employees that they paid in health premiums …? Whaaa… ? I did not watch the debate only read the many articles on it. Didn’t Sanders inform him it means companies could no deduct from people’s pay for private healthcare premiums? That it would be paid for by a smaller increase in everyone’s personal and business taxes? Sorry not explaining well - am rushing because I am sitting getting numb for a root canal in the endodontist’s chair…


They just remind me of the white Cubans of southern Florida. Two generations later they still lament their grandfathers being kicked out of Cuba and long to return to the good old days when Cuba was a feudal state and they were the Lords of the Manor, and Batista ruled with an iron fist.


“That sound you hear,” reported The Guardian , “is every climate activist banging their head against the wall.”

Could you please find me a “climate activist” who had their hopes set on M$MBS? Probably you could get to 350ppm by riding bicycles backwards more quickly than you could ever get anything but agitprop from the agitprop machine. I mean, come on, this is turning into one of those ceremonial dances of the distractosphere:

  1. M$MBS cuts another wet, stinky one.
  2. “For shame, for shame!” the activists declaim (holding icepacks to their noggins).
  3. M$MBS cuts another wet, stinky one.

This dance sucks. I wanna find something less demeaning to spend my time on.

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I believe you’re going to find, root canals vaguely evocative of these cage-match reality infomercals? No mention of the Houston Ship Channel action, little mention of Bahamian refugees, 1099 gig-economy healthcare, etc… but Venezuela, Cuba! Couldn’t stand to watch the anti-Medicare for All & Green New Deal = Pol Pot commercials. The entire notion of Disney, Steven Colbert and the DNC telling us who we the pee-ons are permitted to vote for!

OK folks… step back a minute and try this for fit:

The"consumer" has not only replaced the “citizen”; NOW the consumer - you and I - are the “product”.

Think about it: WHY does a billion $ industry PAY LOBBYISTS and corrupt"representatives" in a Republic? Why else than to ‘deliver the goods’? What are the goods? Thee and me.

We’re in a rubic’s cube moment and these fine upstanding capitalist predators are attempting to form the choir they are supposed to sing to. Sounds like jailbirds to me

The ‘platform’ …what is it?
The “center”… where is it?
The future … what is it?
The ‘path’… who is forming it?
What does it mean to be “an insider”?
What does it mean to be an ‘outsider’; marginalized, to become the margin (the excluded; the ‘externalized cost’ in the equation?)

This is the janus moment (eternity) of the myth that mythology is passé. Nope, quite the opposite. Know the premises of mythology - from as many different cultures as possible.

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DNC: “We do not owe voters an impartial or evenhanded primary”

The DoesNotCount Group could care less about you and yours. The only reason, as I understand it, that Bernie is there is so he can be in the primaries. It’s up to us to make it happen, to make him Prez by massive margins. For me, nothing else matters concerning this circus without a tent. And I fault byeden with making me turn that tripe off last night 15 minutes in.


Even with Disney (!) telling us who we can vote for, CNN still seems to be 1% gatekeeper, trying to stomp-down Medicare for All, just now? Try to find a neutral “fact-check the debate” URL? Google seems to have the choice already made FOR us?

Exactly WHO fact-checks all those whack-job commercials?


The DNC has been, and remains, a PRIVATE CORPORATION. According to them, as they stated in court, they can do what every they want.

The DNC playbook this time will rely heavily on pretending we are OBLIGATED to support the Wall Street candidate of THEIR choice. Their boiler room squads will be out in force in the chats, blogs and comment sections. And they are already positioning their excuses, and scapegoats for the inevitable loss.


Yepper Phred, what a great scam. Kinda wish I’d thought of it, I could be rich and worthless right about now :-)))

Congratulations, I guess, to those who watched that dog and pony show, I tried for about fifteen minutes, and that was too much. In the meantime, Pearl Harbor Nadler, is holding impeachment hearings with a kind of scattergun approach. Russiagate, the gift that keeps on giving–Donald loves it.


Moyers and Campbell, The Power of Myth. I’ve had 3 copies of the book, one vhs and one cd. Gave them away as gifts to those that needed them. It is my hope that some do slow down and give a think to your post. Thanks.

Given the crucial importance of the climate crisis, I fully realize that my comment below is kind of like saying “Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?”

… but with respect to the topics they did address, I thought, aside from Stephanopoulos, the other ABC moderators asked better questions than the moderators from NBC/MSNBC and from CNN in the first two debates.

Stephanopoulos was terrible on health care and then later on foreign policy - with the usual Republican/Establishment talking point type questions. But then Linsey Davis did a pretty decent job in moderating the discussion of systemic racism in America, and David Muir did fine with Gun control issues and Jorge Ramos with immigration and xenophobia issues. Muir also did better than Stephanopoulos on his share of the foreign policy discussion by letting the candidates speak for themselves.

For those that missed watching the debate - you can read the full transcript here.


Grist posted a guide to candidate stances this morning:
My Climate Candidate


Rich AND Worthless
Unfortunately, for people like Pelosi, it can be done

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Boring !!

Not the way to inspire our young people to take notice, vote, get involved, take charge.

Thanks… BUT, I beg you to look again. They’re repeating what they’re told by the candidates’ PR folks, without lie detection? Harris was FOR Bernie’s programs… at FIRST! Heck, I’m pretty sure I remember Hillary trying to mouth words like “climate,” “healthcare” and “Wall Street” when Bernie was suddenly scaring her K Street puppeteers, in 2016? I saw one candidate up there, FOR actually doing something to mitigate AGW (and eight slavering jackals tasked to shut him up?) Maybe… nine?


DNC should be ashamed all right. (They aren’t).
I suffered through the whole debate. I recorded it. Started it late so I could fast forward through Harris, Klobuchar, and mayor Pete. They have never said anything worth while. Harris is just inane. I cannot stand her giggling responses. Stupid person. Klobuchar reminds of every school teacher I ever had that was mean. How does anybody vote for her. Zero personality. Mayor Pete talks a lot…no one can tell you what he said. Just some unity nonsense.
All the articles I looked at this morning claiming Biden made no gaffes. What!?! He was talking about playing record players for babies because they don’t hear enough words and I think the question was about his Iraq vote or something.
Glad Castro went after him. Wish he had done it more. Biden does not know which way is up. He was out of it. Rushing thru answers to try and repeat the memorized line before …opps he didn’t know where he was again. Bernie’s voice was so hoarse it was upsetting me. He has been working hard, I hope he will rest his voice for the next debate.
Warren seemed to get a lot more time than others.
She seemed to be dancing all around Medicare for all. Used Bernie’s talking points. Told the truth about how bad it is for all us trying to scrape by on crumbs. However, she will never do anything about it.
Bernie 2020