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ABC's History of Poor Climate Coverage Doesn't Bode Well for the Next Presidential Primary Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/12/abcs-history-poor-climate-coverage-doesnt-bode-well-next-presidential-primary

ABC has a rating of 90 with the U.S. Department of Propaganda.
Only FOX has a better rating.

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The job for ABC moderators is to make sure that the Sander’s proposed GND looks ridiculous and completely ludicrous. I wish Sander’s well tonight. Not for his sake but for the sake of the people and the planet.

As long as the self-destructive DNC runs its ‘debates’ through corporate media, the results are gong to be the same

It looked like a DNC infomercial —actually got a question on Venezuela —Bernie gave a canned answer with no follow up----most of the questions seemed to be more about the “reporters” than delving into what these candidates stood for-------Not ONE called for an end to sanctions on Venezuela??? Not ONE called for an immediate clean up of lead in water-----isn’t this a national emergency------what are the costs of kids ingesting lead???

Turns out, the article was prescient. As in- spot on accurate.

Que sorpresa.

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