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'Abhorrent': Trump Condemned After Showing More Concern for Real Estate Than Human Beings in Remarks on Homelessness

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/18/abhorrent-trump-condemned-after-showing-more-concern-real-estate-human-beings

As abhorrent as this is, you gotta admit, Trump wears it on his sleeve. Most politicians feign concern for the working class, the poor, and do very little about it. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t ever remember Obama giving a speech about the poor, those in poverty? I guess he was too busy caring for the needs of Wall Street.


What else would one expect from a person of low to no moral understanding? A person that has made his life a series of lies and exploitation of others to focus on the “business” of profits above all else regardless the consequences, to satisfy a malignant poisonous self aggrandizement?. A person of bloated obscene ego and ignorance? A person with zero conscience, understanding or respect for the natural world, its myriad of other creatures, and the essential systems and requirements that make life on earth possible, not to mention healthy and sustainable. A person who has put polluters, habitat destroyers, and chemical poison purveyors interests above life.

Tragically and criminally the actions and ambition of politicians in our political “system” lauds and requires such aberrant and reckless behavior, serving wealth above the Common Good.

Whats not in trumps odious character and history that would put real estate interests above the lives and well-being of other human beings?


Exactly. I’m disgusted whenever I hear people say they long for the “good old days” of Obama. Sure, he was funny with his self-effacing sense of humor, he was intelligent and smooth talking and could give a great speech (with his forked tongue), but he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He was not just a capitalist to the bones but a supporter of this crony capitalist system that empowers the wealthy and the corporate fat cats and has given rise to this goddamn oligarchy. Today he and his wife are jet-setting with the rich and famous and concentrating most of their time and energy on increasing their already vast wealth. Whenever one or the other of them does dabble in politics and give a speech, it is in support of some centrist establishment Democrat. They hate progressives and the very mention of the word “socialist” as much as any Republican does. It sickens me that they still have such a huge fan base among the neoliberal crowd.


Obama knew exactly what his role was. It was to serve the ruling class and to deceive his supporters that he was a Liberal, a man of the people. In a way, so much more devious than Trump. Sad, so many people fell for it (I never voted for the fraud); and they still do.


Eco-Socialism or Barbarism!

This sack of adipose in the Whites Only House is the epitome of all that is cruel, ugly, profligate in the US American psyche. Time for all US Americans to take a hard look at their history and the central reason for the crimes that keep repeating themselves ad nauseam–it was always about accumulating wealth at the expense of others and the eco-systems.


Not that what you are writing ist true in the case of some politicians, but what, exactly, in a democracy, are minority party politicians suppsoed to “do”? Go the the legislative chamber, with AK-47s, take hostages, and pass legislation helping the homeless at gunpoint?

The makeup of our government simply, and democratically, reflects the cruel nature of the white suburban middle class who make up the majority of voters.

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“and moving homeless people to government-run facilities” … aka concentration camps … I wonder if they’ll be gassed …


Obama himself claimed that in the Regan era he would have been a moderate Republican. His greatest accomplishments were all speeches.


DT takes the tired old trope of the rich blaming the poor for society’s ills, and ups it by claiming the poor are literally making people ill. His language leaves me wondering if he’ll use brownshirts to address this “problem”.


the holocaust began as a immigration crisis, the first groups of people targeted alongside jewish people were the disabled, the neuro-divergent, trade unionists, and the homeless…

how is trump not a nazi again?


“reflects the cruel nature of the white suburban middle class who make up the majority of voters.”

unless you account for the outsided influence granted to rural voters through the electoral college and senate, and the intense gerrymandering and voter suppression utilized by the republicans and neo-liberal democrats to ensure they are “safe” to exploit and disenfranchise more people…

issue by issue, poll by poll, suburban population centers have shown themselves to not just be left-wing, but QUITE left wing… the policies they support are simply inachieveable given our current system that systematically disenfranchises people, and reduces the “will of the people” to minority rule.


If he cared he wouldn’t be president ,if he cared he wouldn’t be in politics.
Politics is an art of lying.
Saying one thing and doing another .

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Barry the Liar (a name that got me kicked off of “Democratic Underground”) was rewarded handsomely for his services to Wall Street and the elites. Check out the posh estate that he and Michelle are moving into on Martha’s Vineyard. Plus the $65 million book deal for their biography.


Trump shows us the callousness not only of his own thinking, but the family’s thinking
as taught by the father who also was concerned about his “real estate” interests –

According to Trump, it is visible homeless who destroy the “prestige” of our cities –

My feeling is that American morality will say that it is our government’s behavior toward
the homeless which is destroying any prestige this nation ever enjoyed.

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In the final analysis, Trump is a dick.


The treatment of Trump could be the beginning of a new United States where justice and integrity do count. His repulsive and criminal behavior should not go without punishment.

There is an archetype in the american culture that he reflects. Win at all costs. Look out for number #1. Do whatever is necessary - just do it! We need a leader who believes in community, respect for each individual and has a plan- Bernie Sanders.


It’s a gravy train for certain members of the political class and their wall street patrons. We the people are just a sorry joke to them.

I saw that Obama was just another selected stooge and backed the Green Party, but I have to admit that so many naive people still cannot see Obama’s deviousness. The more effective evil? Damn right!