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‘Abolish ICE’ Doesn’t Mean What Conservatives Say It Does


‘Abolish ICE’ Doesn’t Mean What Conservatives Say It Does

Cesar Vargas
As Donald Trump’s administration has ramped up arrests and deportations of immigrants across the country, calls to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement ― the federal agency responsible for deportations ― have been gaining momentum among Democrats in recent weeks.


Please don’t take this as an indorsement for ICE but this article misses a few points.

First the enforcement of immigration laws has always been a function of INS (immigration and naturalization). It was not very effective and has a direct correspondence to what we have now. We may not need ICE but we do need something. We have millions of undocumented people that have no legal status. That might seem ok if you don’t consider how it affects some very important decision that people have to make. It does contribute to some of the other issues mentioned in the article. Human trafficking being one. Immigration is not suppose to be responsible for drug and gang violence, terrorism and other issues. It is a starting point, to ensure equality for immigrants, all immigrants and insure we are not promoting things we have agreed do not benefit society.

College students and day labor have legal protections if they use the INS service as intended. If anything those protections should be strengthened and enforced. That is also the job of INS.

There needs to be a better awareness in the general community because a lot of citizens exploit this issue, and there is no excuse for that.


How ironic is it that those calling others “illegal” are the ones committing the “most” illegal acts.


I guess if it gets replaces with an agency as effective as the Greek customs/immigration we’ll be fine.

Thirty minutes turn around (pun intended). Pretty efficient…


Voters oppose abolishing ICE.


The existence of ICE is hypocrisy in the extreme, as indicated by the writer: "Europeans weren’t given any legal authority to settle in indigenous people’s land. Unless you are a descendant of Native Americans, you are the original “illegal” immigrant.


Of course, we need an agency that protects our borders by ensuring that those entering our country do not pose a threat to our national security. What we don’t need is an organized band of thugs rampaging across America, scooping up anyone who looks Hispanic and holding them in detention until they can prove that they are here legally (and even then not letting them go). What we don’t need is bullies tearing families apart just for the hell of it. What we don’t need is the equivalent of Hitler’s Scuhtzstaffel conducting ethnic cleansing of the United States of America. ICE needs to be held accountable by Congress for its un-American activities, along with its ultimate superior - the Fascist in the Oval Office.

Congress’ silence speaks louder than words - Republicans endorse the policies of the very worst excuse for a human being to ever be called a President.